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Pulpally Seetha Lava Kusa Temple

Lava kusa seetha temple is a famous Pilgrim Centers for the tourist and Devotees. It is located Wayanad District in Kerala state of India. Lava kusa seetha temple was constructed by Sri pazhassiraja in the 18th century.Lava kusa seetha temple is one of the prominent and ancient temple in Kerala.Pulppally temple is one of the few in India devoted for Sita Devi.The temple dedicated main workship of goddess Sheetha and the sub deities of her son Luva and kush.The temple was constructed on the basis of the concept of Ramayana.The temple pond is one of largest in Wayand.The largest rose wood tree is located under the Sree Pulpally Devaswam.The superior time for tourist and Devotees to visit the temple in the month of October to May. Seetha Devi, Lava, Kusa Temple Pulpally comes under Sree Pulpally Devaswam. Sree Pulpally Devaswam in under the purview of HR & CE Department.


It is believed that even the name pulpally is connected to the bed of grass Dharbha on which lava .The temple was constructed during the period of the great warrior Kerala varma Pazhassi Raja.The renovation of the temple was done during the period of 1985-1995.At Present temple is owned and managed by Malabar Devaswom Board. The rites of the temple are performed by CHATHANATTU ILLAM AND KOZHIKKOTTIRI MANA.During the military Tippu sulthan of Mysore planned to destroy this temple. But it is believed that he had to retreat because of the darkness created at noon by the supreme power of Goddess seetha.Another remarkable thing about this temple is that leeches very common in most parts of Wayanad are not found in the surrounding area of this temple.. According to the legend goddess seetha cursed the leeches that bit lava and kusa.Another significant thing about this place is that a large number of termite mounds(valmeekam) can be seen at different spots. The festival of this temple celebrated in the first week of January is considered to be the regional festival attended by large number of people belonging to different castes and creed.

Festival and Architecture

The main festival celebrated in Lava kusa seetha temple is Chuttu Vilakku. This festival come in the month of January. At Chuttu Vilakku all Devotees light thousands of oil lamps on the outer walls of the temple at sundown. The term Chuttuvilakku is derived from ‘Chuttu’ meaning ‘surround’ and ‘vilakku’ meaning ‘lamp’. On the second day of every Malayalam month except Karkkidakam and Vrischikam a special ceremony called Vellattu is conducted.On the 10th day of Edavam month special Pooja is performed here .Valmeeki Aashramam which is supposed to be the Poorvasthanam of the temple attract many people because it is believed that Sage Valmeeki resided there along with Sita and Lava Kusa.The Lava kusa seetha temple Architecture is unique and Kerala style of Architecture.The temple is built at attitude of 700 – 2100 m Above Sea Level.It is believed that when Sita was abandoned by Rama, she reached Pulpally and was given shelter by the great Sage Valmiki. The place in Pulpally, where Sita gave birth to Lava and Kusa is called Valmiki Ashramam.There is a big rock in the down valley and people believe that Valmeeki Maharshi meditated here sitting on it.There are beautiful stone pillared praakaarams around the sanctum. Another beautiful stone pillared Mandapam is found in front of the temple, in which Sri Sarabeswarar is seen on one of the pillars facing west.

How to Reach:

By Bus : Buses are available from Bathery bus stand and Kalpetta Bus stand to reach the temple

By Train: Nearest Station is 25 km from Sulthan Bathery station and 34 km from Kalpetta Railway Station .Calicut Railway station is major nearest about 77.2 km from temple.

By Airport:
Karipur airport of Kozhikode is located 90.2 km from the temple and Cochin International Airport is located about 253 km from the temple.

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Pulpally Seetha Lava Kusa Temple


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