Anantheshwara Vinayaka Temple Shashti festival

Anantheshwara Vinayaka Temple is a annual festival held on the Marga Shira month usually happens between the month of November and December. It is also called Shashti festival, which attracts thousands of devotees and pilgrims. The Anantheshwara Temple is one of the oldest temples in Kerala. It was on the verge of total destruction when a need was felt to reconstruct it. It has been renovated from time to time and the presiding deity of this temple is Sri Udbha Va Lingam and Sri Bhadra Narasimha Swami. Sri Subramaniya Swami is also another deity here. A number of Schools and colleges are run by this temple and there is also a community hall for the pilgrims of the Anantheshwara Temple. The Shasti Festival is celebrated in the memory of Lord Murugan in the temporal world. Lord Murugan is said to have killed Tarakasura. He had been a vicious demon who went on with his game of destruction so a need was felt for a reliever. Lord Murugan was the one.

Festival and History

Srimad Anantheshwara Vinayaka Temple is located Near Madhur, Kasaragod District of Kerala. This temple is the most famous one among the four temples built by the Mypadi kings of Kumbla around the 10th century. The temple was reconditioned in the 15th century and was built in a typical style in a three storied oval structure adorned with copper plate roofing. A special festival of the temple named ” Moodappa Seva ” which is covering the large figure of Maha Ganapathi with appam made of ghee and rice is also celebrated here which is held once in many years. This tradition is still continued to maintain the legacy of the temple and the festival.

The Madhur Srimad Anantheshwara Vinayaka Temple celebrates its Annual festival for five days. During the festival the presiding deity of the Madhur Srimad Anantheshwara Vinayaka Temple is taken out in a long procession. People take part in folk dances and folk music in the procession makes it all the more pleasant. The temple has been devoted to Lord Vinayaka. He is believed to be the destroyer of all difficulties. The temple offers Veda classes to young students. He is also supposed to flower success in the lives of men. Since success is indispensable it is sincerely sought by mankind. People from all over the country come to have glimpse or darshan of the idol in this festival.

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