Beaches in Kerala

Beaches in Kerala are among the most finest and beautiful beaches of the country. For virtually its entire 600 km length , the Kerala coast is lined with sandy beaches, rocky promontories and coconut palms. Each Beaches in the Indian state of Kerala are spread along the long stretch Arabian Sea coastline. Scenic backwaters, palm coconut dotted shore, golden & silver beaches, gentle surf, blue azure waters, lush busy plants on the shores make Kerala’s beaches globally famous destination for beach tourism. Each year , greater numbers of visitors arrive here in search of tranquil , palm fringed beaches.

These beaches offers the serene view of Majestic Arabian Sea and beautiful place to halt down to relax and refresh the body from the daily hectic life. Many of these beaches offers water sports ,while some are ideal to take a dip in the water , you will find various food joints nearby the beaches . Certainly the best place for localities to go for picnic and for enjoying the natural beauty under the swaying palm trees.

Some of the famous beaches of Kerala are Kovalam Beach , Varkala Beach , Shankumugham Beach , Alappuzha Beach , Cherrai Beach , Muzhappilangad beach , Kappil Beach and many others.

List of Famous Popular Beaches of Kerala

Beaches in Trivandrum

  • Kovalam Beach
    Located 16km from Trivandrum
    Internationally renowned , this seaside destination comprises of three adjacent crescent-shaped beaches, of which the southernnmost , known as the liught house beach, ist the most popular. Kovalam offers a variety of activities including snorkelling, catarman rides, sunset viewing, cycling on the beach etc.
  • Shankhumugham Beach
    Located 8 Km from Trivandrum
    Adjacent to the Airport, this beach has a indoor recreation club, the matsya kanyaka ( agigantic, 35m long sculpture of a mermaid), a restaurant shaped like a starfish and a traffic training park for children. Nearby are two popular picnic spots- Akkulam and Veli Tourist Village.
  • Chowra Beach
    Loacated 8 Km south of Kovalam in Trivandrum
    Prisitne and Serene, this fishing hamlet is an unending stretch of white and sandy beaches.
  • Poovar Beach
    Located 12km south of Kovalam in Trivandrum
    An isolated but spectacular beach, Poovar is situated close to Neyyar River estuary. A trading port in its early days, it is today an important tourist destination.
  • Papanasham Beach
    Located 45 Km from Trivandrum in Varkala
    A dip in the sea at Papanasham, meaning redemtion from sins, is believed to be holy. Fringed by red laterite cliffs, near to the beach are the mineral springs, serene backwaters, the 2000 years old Sree Janardhan Swamy Temple, a century old tunnel and a Nature Cure Center.

Kovalam Beach

Beaches in Kollam

  • Thangasseri
    Located 5 Km from Kollam
    This seaside village of historic importance houses the ruins of old Portuguese fort and churches built in 18th century. The beach here is an unique place where you get to see the sun setting and the moon rising simultaneously.
  • Thirumullavaram
    Located 6 Km north of Kollam
    This secluded beach is beautiful picnic center.

Beaches in Ernakulam

  • Fort Kochi Beach
    Located 21 Km from Ernakulam
    Overlooking the Arabian Sea, with its legendary Chinese Fishing Nets dotting the foreground, Fort kochi beach offers spectacular sunsets. Another highlight here are the waterfront stalls serving fresh catch prepared according to taste.
  • Cherai Beach
    Located 23 Km From Ernakulam
    This lovely beach bordering Vypeen Island is ideal for swimming. Dolphins are occasioionally spotted here. A typical Kerala village nearby, with paddy fields and coconut groves, is an added attraction.

Natika Beach in Thrissur

Located 24 Km from Thrissur
Fringed by palm trees, this picturesque beach is a hot spot for picknickers.

Beaches in Malappuram

  • Tanur
    Located 35Km from Malappuram
    The small coastal fishing town of Tanur is one of the earliest settlements of the Portuguese. It is believed that St Francis Xavier visited the place in 1546. About 3 km south of Tanur town is Keraladeshpuram Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu and believed to be one of the oldest temples in Kerala.
  • Padinjarekkara
    Located 5Km from Chemravattom, Ponnaniin Malappuram
    Famous for bird watching, the beach also offers a breathtaking view of the confluence of the Bharathapuzha, the Tirur Puzha and the Arabia Sea.
  • Vallikunnu
    Located 40Km from Malappuram
    A beach resort set in the midst of a palm grove is the main attraction here. Nearby is the Kadalundi Bird Sancturay

Kappad Beach

Beaches in Kozhikode

  • Kozhikode Beach
    Located half Km from the City
    This beach ius a faourite haunt of the sunset viewers. Adding to it natural beauty is the old world charm retained by the ancient lighthouse and the two crumbling piers, each more than a hundred old, that run into the sea.
  • Beypore Beach
    Located 10Km south of Kozhikode
    One of the prominent ports and a maritime trading center of ancient Kerala, beypore is located at the mouth of the Chaliyar river. Teh boat building yard here, famous for the construction of the Uru(Arabian trading vessel), boasts a tradition pf almost 1500 years.
  • Kappad
    Located 16Km from Kozhikode
    Thi is the historic beach where Vasco Da Gama landed on the 27th of may 1498 with 170 men in three vessels. The rock-studded beach is locally known as Kappadkadavu.
  • Thikkoti Lighhouse Beach
    Located 35Km from Kozhikode
    This beach overlooks the Velliyamkalu rock much dreaded by mariners, off Moodadi coast. the lighthouse here was built sfter the shipwreck, the reamins of which can still be seen here. The region around the Velliyamkallu Rock is home to migratory birds.
  • Payyoli
    Located 40 Km North of Kozhikode
    The shallow water of this beautiful beach is ideal for swimming . During November – december, hordes of the endangered Olive Ridely turtles come to lay eggs.
  • Vadakara Sandbanks
    Located 50Km from Kozhikode
    This beach where the Kottakal River mrges into the sea is stunningly beautiful and is facourite spot for locals anf tourists. The nearby Birla Bunglow offers delightful view of the Sandbank Beach.

Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach

Beaches in Kannur

  • Payyambalam
    Located 2 Km from Kannur
    Famous for its flat laterite cliffs that jut out into the sea, well laid gardens and massive landscaped sculpture of mother and child make this beach extremely captivating. The adjacent baby beach accessed through the Burnassery Cantonment is delightfully quiet.
  • Kizhunna
    Located 11 Km from Kannur
    This beautiful stretch of sand is one of the secluded beaches in Kerala.
  • Meenkunnu
    Located12 Km from Kannur
    Uncrowded , the beach is a tourist’s paradise, with golden sand and surf.
  • Muzhappilangad
    Located 15 Km from Kannur
    A swimmers paradise, this is Kerala only Drive in Beach. Adventure sports like pargliding, parasailing, micro-lite flights and variety of water sports are possible here.
  • Dharmadom
    Located 17 Km from Kannur
    The small five acre island covered with coconut palms and green bushes is a beautiful sight from the serene stretch of Dhrmadom Beach. permission is required to enter this isle.
  • Ezhimala
    Located 50 Km from Kannur
    The beautiful beach here has a hillock nearby(286 m high). The beach also has a Naval; Academy

Beaches in Kasaragod

  • Bekal Fort Beach
    Located 1 Km from Bekal Fort in Kasaragod
    Also known as Pallikere Beacg, this scenic seaside offers a spectacular view of the historic fort and has ample facilities for recreation and relaxation.
  • Kappil Beach
    Located 2 Km from Bekal fort In Kasaragod
    A winding lane meanders through pal-fringed landscape to this totally unpolluted , secluded beach. The Kodi Cliff closeby offers panoramic view of the Arabian Sea.Pallikunnam temple is just 2 km from here.

Varkala Beach

By- Prashant Ram (Flickr)

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