Kerala Waterfalls

The Waterfalls in Kerala are situated in the lush blanket of forests where you can define a different world to watch.The forest of the western ghats are punctuated with large and small waterfalls that roar, gurgle and splash down the mountain side.Almost all these scintillating cascades are the venues of picnics and excursions round the year. The thundering splash of these waterfalls adds beauty to the forest and offers breathtaking view . The areas where these falls are located are an ideal places for adventure lovers. The proximity of the waterfalls in western ghats are picturesque and are quite and peaceful with only the roaring voice of these falls cascading from great height .

They are a popular tourist attraction and an ideal place to spend the holidays in the shelter of Mother Nature. The view of these waterfalls is simply mesmerizing.Some these waterfalls have pools beneath it that are ideal for swimming. There are various small and big waterfalls in Kerala State of India that either originate from a river or makes a river after meeting deep down valley. Waterfalls of Kerala hoards lots of tourist traffic to it . Some of the famous waterfalls of Kerala are Athirapally, Vazhachal, Palaruvi and Tusharagiri waterfalls.

List of Famous Waterfall of Kerala

Palaruvi Waterfall

Located– 75Km from Kollam
Palaruvi which means stream of milk makes its way down the rocks, from a height of 300 feet. The Palaruvi woods are a beautiful picnic spot.

Athirapally Waterfalls

Located– 63 Km from Thrissur
At the entrance to the Sholayar Ranges, this 80 feet
high waterfall is a popular picinic spot. It is one of the most famous waterfalls of the state.

Vazhachal Waterfall

Located – 68 km from Thrissur
Just a short frive from Athirapally, this picturesque waterfall is close to dense, green forests and is a part of the Chalakudy river.Athirapally and Vazhachal are the most famous waterfalls of Kerala.

Attukad Waterfall

Located– 9 Km from Idukki
A land of waterfall and inviting green hills, Atuukad, located between Munnar and Pallivasal, is a feast for the eyes. This place is excellent for treks in Kerala.

Thommankuthu Waterfall

Located– 17 Km from Thodupuzha in Idukki
Famous for its seven step waterfall, Thommankuthu is an ideal palce for adventure tourism in Kerala. pedal boating, foest trekking, night camping, bathing in the waterfall etc. are some of the activities possible here.

Tusharagiri Waterfall

Located– 50 Km from Kozhikode
Waterfalls and streams abound in this hilly region with excellent trekking tracks, located near Vythiri in Wayanad.

Meenmutty Waterfall

Located– 29 Km from Kalpetta in Wayanad
An intresting 2km jungle trek will lead to the largest and most spectacular waterfall in Wayanad. Water drops from nearly 1000 feets over three stages, presenting a triple-decker effect.

Chethalayam Waterfall

Located-12 Km east of Sulthan bathery in Wayanad
A lovely place to visit, trekking enthusiast are sure to enjoy the climb up the rocks to the waterfall.

Sentinel Rock Waterfall

Located– 22 Km away from kalpetta in Wayanad
Locally known as Soochipara or needle rock, the pool at the foot of the fall is ideal for a quick dip.

Top 20 Famous Waterfalls in Kerala

Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls

Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls

Located on the western ghats of the Sahyadri Range in dense Sabarimala forest area, Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls is a famous waterfall located about 15 km from Pathanamittha District of Kerala India. Perunthenaruvi means "The Great Honey... more »
Vazhvanthol waterfalls

Vazhvanthol waterfalls

Vazhvanthol waterfalls is located about 45 km from Trivandrum city of Kerala India. It is located deep amidst Kannithadam forest. The waterfall is located in area that is richly blessed with natural beauty. Variety of... more »
Palaruvi Waterfall

Palaruvi Waterfall

Palaruvi Waterfall , Palaruvi means "stream of milk " in Malayalam is one of the most serene waterfalls of Kerala. Palaruvi waterfall is located amidst the the thick dense forest of Thenmala range in Kollam... more »
Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls

Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls

Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls is a waterfall located 18km from Kottayam . Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls is a beautiful picnic spot and the water cascades down the mountains from a height of 100 feet. The waterfall is very picturesque... more »

Kaalakkayam Waterfall

Kaalakkayam Waterfall is located in Trivandrum Kerala in amidst of Idinjaar forest. The waterfall is a part of Mankayam stream which is a tributary of Chittar River. The waterfall is seasonal and can be seen... more »
Adyanpara Falls

Adyanpara Falls

Adyanpara Falls is located in Kurmbalangod village of Malappuram District of Kerala India. The waterfall is surrounded by lush green forests and is a ideal place for picnic. The forest has rich flora and fauna.... more »
Athirapally and Vazhachal Falls

Athirapally and Vazhachal Falls

Athirapally and Vazhachal Falls are one of the most famous and hotspot destinations of Kerala. Located about 60 km from Thrissur city in Athirapally in Thrissur District of Kerala. These two waterfalls are the part... more »
Thommankuthu waterfall

Thommankuthu waterfall

Thommankuthu waterfall a beautiful seven-step waterfall is located about 18 km from Thodupuzha in Idukki District of Kerala India. This scenic waterfall is named after a great hunter Mr. Thommachen Kuruvinakunnel who discovered the waterfall... more »

Keezharkuthu Falls

Keezharkuthu Falls is located about 25 k from Thodupuzha in Idukki District of Kerala India. This beautiful waterfall is also known by the name of "The Rainbow Waterfall" . The waterfall falls from the height... more »

Powerhouse Waterfall

Powerhouse Waterfall is located on the way to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary about 18 km from Munnar Kerala. The waterfall is located about 2000 meters above sea level. The roar of water splashing can be... more »
Thusharagiri Waterfall

Thusharagiri Waterfall

Located in the Western Ghats of Kozhikode District of Kerala Thusharagiri Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in the natures lap. The waterfall is located in a small tribal village Tushargiri about 50 km from Kozhikode... more »
Aripara Falls

Aripara Falls

Aripara Falls is located in Thiruvambadi panchayat in Kozhikode district, Kerala. The waterfall is a tributary of Iruvanjippuzha river. The waterfall have huge rocks and it seem that water is coming from the rocks that... more »

Charpa Fall

Charpa fall is located in between the famous Athirappilly and Vazhachal Waterfalls located in Thrissur District of Kerala India. The waterfall is the part of River Chalakuddy. The water cascades from about 70 feet above... more »

Lakkam Waterfalls

Lakkam Waterfalls water is located about 35 km from Munnar on way to Udumalaipettai. The waterfall is a part of Eravikulam stream, which is a part of Eravikulam National Park.This stream is one of the... more »

Marmala Waterfall

Located near Teekoy Rubber EstateMarmala Waterfall is few km away from Erratapettu in Kottayam District of Kerala India. The water of the waterfall is perennial and can be visited at any time. The water of... more »
Soochipara Falls

Soochipara Falls

Soochipara Falls also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls is located in Vellarimala Wayanad district of Kerala India. Soochipara Falls is surrounded by rich and dense Deciduous, Wet Evergreen and Tropical Montane (Shola) forests. The waterfall... more »

Siruvani Waterfalls

Siruvani Waterfalls is located 46 km from Palakkad Town of Kerala India and 35 km from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. There is dam also known by the name of fall only.Kerala Government built a reservoir at... more »

Madatharuvi Waterfall

Madatharuvi is a small river stream that joins Pampa River in Ranni. Ranni is known for its natural beauty, forests, hills, river and good climate.There are beautifull and fascinating series of waterfalls and rapids that... more »

Mulamkuzhi Waterfall

Mulamkuzhi Waterfall is a small and serene waterfall located in Malayattoor town of Ernakulam District of Kerala State of India. The water fall originates from Mulamkuzhi river that joins River Periyar . Mulamkuzhi Village lies... more »
Cheeyappara Waterfalls

Cheeyappara Waterfalls

Cheeyappara Waterfalls is a beautiful mesmerizing seven steps waterfall located on the way to Kochi - Madurai Highway . Waterfall is located in the Idukki District and is surrounded by lush green nature . Area... more »