Kerala Museums

Kerala State have a rich and glorious past which are depicted by their architecture, culture, monuments of by gone era and also which are preserved by the museums of Kerala.Museums in Kerala have been preserving its ancient rich history via its artifacts , and various remains of the earlier times. This museums truly glorifies the life and cultural backgrounds of the state during ancient and colonial times.Different museums in Kerala store different kinds of artifacts. A few store exhibits from local flora and fauna, while others store murals and other paintings. A few store archaeological specimens, while others showcase different architectural styles etc. A number of museums are itself parts of a historical museum and display the remnants of the history of Kerala.

Kerala not only has natural secrets hidden in it but it also has a queue of those museums with the historical evidences and mysteries which tell stories of near past. Apart from indulging with the minds with natural and cultural regalia, the state of Kerala gives its tourists the unique opportunity of capturing the moments of history. It is a pleasure to your eyes to have a look of historical forts, large and stately mansions, fascinating museums and other remnants; the place is like a time machine that transports you to a glorious bygone era. Some of the famous museums of Kerala are Ambalavayal Museum, Hill Palace Museum, Krishna Menon Museum, Napier Museum, Museum of Kerala History, Pazhassiraja Museum, Priyadarshini Museum,Science & Technology Museum and many others are also there.

Puthenmalika Palace Museum, Trivandrum

By- Thejas Panarkandy (Flickr)

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