Kerala Music

Kerala has a rich and cultural history and music had a great importance than and now also . Carnatic Music is the vital component of Music of Kerala.The significance of music in the culture of Kerala can be established just by the fact that in Malayalam language, musical poetry was developed long before prose. Sopanam is the like a brand of Kerala Music history that originated from the temples of Kerala. Kerala own a place in the field of Carnatic Music , thanks to Swathi Thirunal,(1829-47) the ruler of Travancore .A musician and a composer of high caliber , Swathi Thirunal’s reign was called "Augustan Age of Kerala Music" . One of his close associates Irayiman Thampi (1782 -1856)composes the immortal tharattu(lillaby) ,’Oamanathinkal kidavo’.An exceptional gifted singer who enjoyed the patronage of the Maharaja was Shadkala Govinda Mrar. It is said that the Thyagaraja was once so moved by the Marar’s performance that he composed the evergreen Telugu song ‘Entaro mahanubhavalu antarika vandanamulu‘.

In addition to this , Kerala’s contribution to the development of folk music is also noteworthy.Vadakkan Pattukal (northern ballads ) which celebrate teh exploits of heores like Thacholi Othenan,Mappila Pattukal ,Vanchipattukal and vatil thurappatu are but a few of them.

Kerala so long has developed its own unique typical temple arts with instrumental music as its indispensable parts. Chenda Melam which is played with instruments like Chenda, Kombu , Kuzhal etc are important part of every temple in Kerala.

Carnatic Music:

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