Kathakali Sangeetham

Kathakali Sangeetham belongs to Sopana music category which is slow , strictly adhering to tala or rythm giving full vision of Abhinaya means acting. The singer or bhagavatar plays a key role in staging of the art form. The bhagavtar plays a key role in Kathakali performance. He not only sings and act but also maages and host whole show . Appukuttan Bhagavtar , Thioruvilwamala , Ettiravi Namboothiri , Kannappa Kurulp, Kunjiraman Nambisan, Kunju Podhuval and Krishnankutty Bhagavtar are some of the famous Kathakali singers of Kerala.

Kathakali music are great contribution to Malayalam literature and music. Aattakkatha the literature part of Kathakali forms the separate part in Malayalam Literature. Kathakali compared to other performing arts is more involved and complex clarifying the meanings of mudras or habd gestures , describing the context and expressing the depth of emotions enacted by the artists.

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