Arattu Festival

Arattu festival of Janardhana temple is one of the big event that is been awaited for the whole year and displays the rich and vibrant color of this state. This Arattu Festival commences with Kodiyettu Flag Hoisting on Karthika day and ends with Arattu on Uthram day which is an auspicious day of the festival. The grand parade with five caparisoned elephants decorated with ornamental silk umbrellas and peacock fans adds color to this festival. The parade makes the event unique and marks it as one of the significant festivals of Kerala. The fourth and fifth day during Arattu is celebrated with various performances like Kathakali dance all night long.

Arattu festival is celebrated in Trivandrum in the famous Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple. In Kerala, Arattu festival is celebrated as a closing ceremony of a 10-day festival in Kerala. The Arattu festival in Kerala is celebrated twice a year, first time in the months of October-November and second time in the months of March-April. The festival actually refers to the procession that takes place as a closing ceremony of the 10-day festival at the temple.

On this occasion, the Maharaja of the state of former times visits the temple at Trivandrum and performs certain rituals. After the rituals, a grand procession is taken out.

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