Malanada Ketukazhcha

The Malanada Ketukazhcha is an annual festival that attracts thousands of devotees from all over the places dedicated to Duryodhana; one of the brothers of the Kauravas from the great epic Mahabharata. The festival is one of the major occasions of the region and is quiet a popular one for the whole of the state and to the neighboring ones as well. Poruvazhi Malanada Temple is that place where the worshiped figure is Duryodhana the antagonist of the epic Mahabharata. The uniqueness of the festival lies in the fact that the temple which is the official stage for the occasion is the one for Duryodhana, who according to the great epic Mahabharata was one of the enemy cousins of Pandavas who incidentally is taken as one of the heroes of the epic.

Poruvazhi Malanada Temple in Adoor at Kollam district arrives during the month of March with the one day celebration. Poruvazhi Malanada Temple is also known for a spectacular event called Malanada Kettukazhcha a one-day festival celebrated in the month of March. The procession is a fascinating sight in which decorated structures are taken out to the accompaniment of traditional drum orchestras. Some of the structures are 70 to 80 feet tall and they are made in a competitive spirit by the people of the surrounding villages. The structures are either carried on the shoulders or taken out on chariots. The event attracts large number of devotees every year.

The festival is celebrated only for one day and includes various folk art performances along with the famed colorful processions called Kettukazhcha procession along with Kaala Vela. The main offering at the temple is Toddy. The procession is also escorted with the motifs of bulls and horses along with the decorative carts as well. This event contains a Kala (bull motif), a Kuthira or a horse motif and a decorated temple cart. These motifs are carried on the shoulders or placed on chariots. From the historical evidences, it is said that this event is a reminder of the Buddhist influence the area had. It is a striking example of the traditional celebrations of rural Kerala and attracts people in abundance from the district.

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