Malik Deenar Uroos

Malik Deenar Uroos is the one of the main occasions of Indian Muslims to celebrate the arrival of Malik Deenar in Kasargod of Kerala. It is conducted in the holy month of Muharram and lasts for one month. It has earned the status of being the only Islamic Centre head in the western part of the Indian subcontinent. This festival is celebrated after every three years.

Malik Dinar Mosque is one of the most beautifully designed mosques of India. Inside the mosque there is a grave of Malik Ibn Dinar.The religious festival called Uroos is held inside the mosque accompanied with speeches that are cited from the scriptures is celebrated to remember this great man. People from all over the world visit Kasargode to attend this festival. Malik Deenar arrived in Indian peninsula following the request of Cheraman Perumal. He built 10 Mosques throughout the Kerala and appointed Qazis in every mosque. During his stay at Kasaragod he left this world and mortal body was buried in Kasaragod. Indian Muslims started to honor their great leader by observing Uroos.
But the renowned Malik Dinar Mosque Uroos is celebrated at Thalangara.The children of Malik Dinar are also buried inside the Malik Dinar Mosque Uroos. A local celebration takes place at the time of Birth of the great hero, Malik Dinar.

The festival is very famous and is accompanied by religious speeches. The speech is always related with the theme of the festival and the celebration that is going to be held inside the Mosque.The other feature of the Uroos Festival is feeding of the poor and the needy and also offering help to them for their sustenance. It also includes various rituals such as the Ziyarath or the visiting of tomb, Patakayarthal or flag hosting at the mosque and Annadanam which is the poor feeding are done during this festival.

This includes clothes and food being distributed amongst them. People find relief and peace inside the mosque. So, even if there is no festival people still crowd inside the Mosque premise to pay homage to their Man of Honor .

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