Palakkunnu Sree Bhagavathy Temple Festival

The Palakkunnu Sree Bhagavathy Temple is one of the well-known temples of Kerala. The principle Goddess of the Palakkunnu Sree Bhagavathy Temple is Goddess Bhagavathy who is also known as Kurumba Bhagavathy. The other Gods and Goddesses at the temple are the Iliya Bhagavathy, Dhandan, Ghandakarnam, Vishnu Moorthy and Gulikan. The festival which is quite extraordinary celebrated in the temple is Bharani Mahotsavam which is celebrated in March. The festivities start on the next day of the Arattu Festival of Trikkannad Temple and end with the Auirathiri Ulsavam. Other festivals which are associated with this temple are Maruputhari Festival which is celebrated in December or January and Kalam Kanippu Maholsavam which is celebrated in January.

Among all the many festivals that are celebrated in Palakkunnu Sree Bhagavathy Temple the Bharani Maholsavam festival is the most significant one.It begins on the next day after the beginning of the Arattu Festival at Trikkanad Temple. This is because Trikkanad temple is located just a few kilometers away from the Palakkunnu Sree Bhagavathy Temple so both the festivities are associated with each other. In this festival a single rope is used by both the temples for the purpose of Dwajarohanam. The Bharani Festival culminates in Auirathiri Utsavam. The place where these temples are located falls under the authority of the Udma Panchayat and Chemnath Panchayat.They provide plenty of contributions to the Palakkunnu Sree Bhagavathy Temple funds.

People come with several of offerings which are flowers, sweets, vastram and these are carried with great joy and enthusiasm in a procession. These offerings consist of exclusive jewelry and cash money also. Therefore the Palakkunnu Sree Bhagavathy Temple is considered as one of the richest temples at Kerala. During the festival people wear colorful dresses and celebrate the festive mood is observable from the faces of the young and old alike. A brilliant display of fireworks is another feature of this Festival.

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