Pariyanampetta Pooram

The festival Pariyanampetta Pooram is celebrated at the the Pariyanempatta Bhagavathi Temple is one of the famous temples of Kerala, dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathy. This is one of the largest Devi temples of Valluvanad Desam in Palghat district of Kerala. The presiding deity is known as the Goddess of 14 Desams. The temple and its limits bear a resemblance to that of Mookambika temple Kollurthe presiding deity of which is Bhagavathi or Mother Goddess, who is the major attraction of the festival is the Kalamezhuthu Pattu. It is a colorful ritual in which the images of the goddesses are drawn on the floor using different coloured powders. When accompanied by songs these images conjure a sense of awe among all the devotees and viewers around. , a seven-day annual festival packed with art and show biz.

As this festival also involves art forms one can see like Kathakali and Chakiarkoothu, in place of the cultural heritage of Kerala, are staged during the festival days. The folk art of shadow puppetry called Tholpavakoothu, performed at night, creates a unique ambiance during the festival nights. The pooram festival is celebrated on the month of Kumbam according to the Malayalam calendar. It falls approximately on the month of February.

The concluding day of the festival is marked by a ceremonial procession of around 21 elephants. These grandly caparisoned elephants are made to paraded through the streets while thousands of people gather to watch them and to seek blessings from them since the elephant is hailed as holy in Kerala

The festooned elephants and traditional musical performances are important parts of the Pariyanampetta Pooram festival in Kerala. Music is an integral part of every festival of Kerala. One can also watch for musical performances are performed before the deity to please Folk arts like Kaalavela or the bull effigy spectacle and Kuthiravela known as the horse effigy spectacle and others like Poothanum Thirayum would transform the procession on the final day into a highly diverting one.

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