Parumala Annual Feast

The Annual feast at Parumala is organized in honor of St. Gregorios, the only blessed saint of the Malankara Orthodox Church. This feast festival is celebrated in the month of November every year.The feast is celebrated at the St. Paul’s and St Peter’s Church at Parumala with much religious feeling and enthusiasm.

The church town of Parumala turns into a huge crowd buzzing place with thousands of devotees turning up to offer prayers at the saint’s tomb.The festivities begin with the Catholics of the East and the Malankara Metropolitian, leading the holy tri-mass at the Parumala Church that houses the saint’s tomb.The mass is at times followed by theological discussions and seminars. The celebrations at the Parumala Church come to an end with a holy Raasa followed by the Kodiyirakku ceremony later in the afternoon.The feast is joined by thousands of people and followed by prayers

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