Pattambi Nercha

Pattambi Nercha, is a beautiful mosque celebrated in the Palakkad district of Kerala.This is the local festival celebrated in Kerala is one of the most famous celebrations held in this evergreen state and this festival is related to the community of Muslims.Pattambi Nercha is a festival held in memory of Aloor Valiya Pookunjikoya Thangal, who was a Muslim saint of Malabar. A grand procession of nearly 100 caparisoned tuskers, colorful floats, and traditional orchestras called as panchavadyam and thayambaka and folk art forms are played during this festival.The highlights of the festival is a grand extravaganza of colors and sounds. Various art forms get under way on the banks of the river Bharathappuzha.The festival is an example of communal harmony.

As in all other festivals typical of Kerala, the mosque grounds swarm with vendors and stalls, selling all kinds of things from food to utensils to jewelry.There are cultural performances every evening. Pattambi Nercha Kerala is one such festival which is a real crowd puller in the state.

In Kerala, some of the festival dates are decided according to the Malayalam Calendar.In local society of Kerala rituals also inspire the dates of some traditional,in usual and promising events.As far as the celebration is concerned the dates look as if in this part are fairly accurate, according to the lunar and solar calendar which the users need to confirm with the local authorities.This is a well-recognized form of local festivals which is held around the time of the onset of summer season.It is seen that the tentative date is between February middle and end.

Annual feast of the Pattambi mosque, situated quite a far away from Palakkad, falls on the month of February and is considered to be really grand.The grand procession and the caparisoned elephants make the celebrations more grand and appealing.The march concludes around midnight on the banks of Bharathappuzha River where the Panchavadyam rises to an increase and the art forms take on a great glory.

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