Thrissur Pooram Festival 2014

Thrissur Pooram Festival is an annual festival, which is celebrated in Vadakkunnathan Temple located in Thrissur dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is held especially in valluvanadu area and other touching parts of north-central Kerala like Present Palakkad, Thrissur and Malappuram districts mostly after the summer harvest. The processions and rituals of each of these deities follow a very strict itinerary, scheduled in such a way that the tempo of the Pooram celebrations – 36 hrs non-stop- is maintained without any loss of energy.There are numerous othe pooram festivals celebrated in Kerala.However, there are some well-known poorams, such as Aryankavu Pooram near Shoranur and Machattu Thiruvanikavu Vela near Wadakkanchery that do not use the caparisoned elephant, instead go for stilted mannequins of horses or bullocks.

The most famous of all Poorams is the Thrissur Pooram. Some other well-known pooram festivals are Arattupuzha-Peruvanam Pooram, Nenmara Vallangi Vela, Uthralikavu Pooram, Mannarkkad Pooram and Thirumandhamkunnu Pooram.

Thrissur Pooram Celebration

It is held at Thrissur Vadakkunnathan Temple every year on ‘Pooram’ day of the Malayalam Calendar month of ‘Medam’. ‘Pooram’ day is the day when the moon rises with the Pooram star. This festival of Pooram was introduced towards the close of the eighteenth century. It was a result of the initiative taken by the then Maharaja of Cochin- Sakthan Thampuran. The colorful processions are the most conspicuous aspect of this temple festival. On this occasion, the elephants are dressed in ornamental trappings. Many beautifully pleasing umbrellas are erected over the heads of elephants. The elephants carry the deities of the temples. These finely adorned elephants are taken in a procession to the Vadakumanathan Temple in Trichur. These customs are a significant part of the Pooram Festival. The procession is not just a visual delight but an integral part of the ceremony. Some temples in the locality of this temple serve as the starting point of the procession. The processions that begin at the Krishna temple in Thiruvambadi and the Devi temple at Paramekkavu are unanimously considered to be the most vivid and regal.

Thiruvambadi and Paramekkavu are two parts of Trichur. They keenly contest with each other in firecrackers. The aim of each of the divisions is to make their processions more grand and splendid than the other.
Despite being a Hindu festival the Pooram Festival is attended by all the religions of Kerala society. Exclusive firecrackers show can be seen at this festival. People gather in large numbers to attend this festival. Among the varieties of festivals celebrated in Kerala, Thrissur Pooram is the most loud, spectacular and dazzling among all.

Thrissur Pooram 2014 Kerala Festival Date

This Year Thrissur Pooram the grandest festival of Kerala will be celebrated on 9 May 2014.

Thrissur Pooram Kodiyettam May-03-2014 Saturday
Thrissur Pooram 2014: Friday 9th May 2014
Madathil varavu 11:00 AM on 9th May
Elinjithara melam 2:00 PM on 9th May
Royal Dharbhar 5:30 PM on 9th May
Fire works 3:00 AM on 10th May Morning
Farewell 12:00 PM on 10th May

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