Sarvajanika Ganeshotsavam

The annual Sarvajanika Ganeshotsavam at Kasargod town is celebrated in connection with Ganesh Chathurthi.The residents of this coast are ardent devotees of Lord Ganesha and hence, a number of temples have been built for the idol all along the coastline. The ‘Ganesha Coast’, as called by the people, is also known as the Parashurama Kshetra, which means, that the place is reformed by Lord Parashurama from the sea. According to the legends, it is also believed by the people that Lord Ganesha protects this coast from all natural disasters.

The temple placed in the shoreline stretches of Gokarna where the temple is situated is where nature has emptied its aesthetic brilliance kept alive by the exclusive ethnicity. During this festival people prepare different types of sweets and laddus for Lord Ganesha as it is considered as the favorite sweets of the Lord.The devotees also offer red flower to the Lord.People also sing and dance during the festival along with many musical instruments.

This festival is celebrated everywhere in the, town of Kasaragod this festival falls during September continues for 5 to 7 days. The people of the coastal areas of Kasaragod are keen believers of Lord Ganesha and hence a number of temples have been built for the deity all along the coastline. A huge clay idol of the lord is worshiped throughout the festive days and special poojas are conducted in connection with the festival. On the last day, a procession is carried out through the town with the idol and it is immersed in the temple tank. Observed with huge enthusiasm, Ganeshotsavam attracts thousands of devotees and the day has been declared as a public holiday in the town.

On the last day the idol is taken with a procession through the town and to immerse in the Temple tank. This festival attracts thousands of devotees in the procession.

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