Thaipoova Mahotsam Koorkancherry

Thaipoova Mahotsam Koorkancherry is one of the most celebrated festivals in Kerala.The Thaipoova Mahotsam, Koorkancherry in Kerala attracts thousands of spectators from all across the state.The annual celebration is of seven days also called as Thaipooya Kavadiyattam is the festival that brings down the uprising of colors to the town. The whole of town is painted with different colors in order to celebrate the occasion.The main festivity takes place on the pooram day when devotees from all across pour in to participate in the occasion.The uprising of colors brings in loads of enjoyment to Thrissur as the celebration of Thaipoova Mahotsam closes in.This special occasion is the perfect time to pay a visit to the state as well as one gets a great climate to enjoy the serene beauty of the place.

The Sree Maheswara Temple at Koorkancherry in Thrissur is the place where this festival is sourced.In this temple the stage remains set for the annual show called Thaipoova Mahotsam, Koorkancherry in Kerala.The temple is easily available from the Thissur railway station making it an event to rejoice.The seven day festival is celebrated with the riot of colors bringing the captivating imagery of celebrations with the town painted by the different colors.The main celebration begins on the Pooram day with the devotees getting geared up for the festival from the wee hours of the day.In this festival religious customs are performed from 4 in the morning followed by the processions of devotees who flank to the temple from the various parts of the neighboring regions.The devotees carry the exotic kavadi on their shoulders during the procession.They stream into the temple courtyard where the main rituals are performed.Each of the groups then performs dances and other performing arts to celebrate the occasion.

This festival gets thousands of devotees arriving at the temple with kavadis. They dance in abandon unfolding a magnificent spectacle.The Subrahmanya Swamy Temple is one of the oldest temples in Kerala and the idol here is said to be the biggest in the state of Kerala.

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