Thalaklayi Subrahmanya Temple Festival

Thalaklayi Subrahmanya Temple is located a few kilometers away from the Kasargod Town.The reigning deity of this temple is Lord Suramaniya.The main festival that is held here is the Shasti.The Shasti Festival in Thalaklayi Subrahmanya Temple is held immediately after the Navaratri or Deepavali. Shasti generally falls on the day of the Amavasya and it falls on the sixth day of the full moon or the 6th day of the New Moon since these are said to be the favorite days of Lord Murugan.

These festivals are celebrated of the victory of good over bad and so, the Shasti Festival of Thalaklayi Subrahmanya Temple is also similar to the epic tale of the Ramayana where Sri Ram conquered the demon Ravana who created havoc among mankind and also committed the blunder of kidnapping his wife. He was eventually killed by the epic hero after a long struggle.Devotees offer prayers and also opt for fasting during the Shasti Festival.It falls on the Malayam month of Thulam and occurs every year.

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