Indira Gandhi Boat Race

Indira Gandhi Boat Race is an annual boat race organized at Ernakulam during the month of December every year by the Department of Tourism of the State of Kerala.The trophy of the race is most popular Snake boat race named after Indira Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India.The heart throbbing rhythm of drum music competitive pushing of snake boat by Oarsmen provide an unforgettable experience in the life.The boat race is the most popular Events celebrated in the backwaters of Kochi.This festival is conducted to promote Kerala tourism.Several snake boats participate in the first round and first few are selected for the finals.

The snake boats are smeared with sardine oil for a smooth passage through the water. Usually, a snake boat is manned by four helmsmen, 25 singers and 100 to 125 oarsmen, who row in unison to the fast rhythm of the Vanchipattu or the song of the boatman. Apart from being a tradition, the Indira Gandhi Boat Race festival is also conducted to boost tourism in the state of Kerala.Thousands of people from villages are grouping at the shore to cheer the participants and the tourists are not interesting to miss this occasion on their Kerala Tour.

Time : December

Venue:Ernakulam, Kochi

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