Kallada Boat Race

Kallada Jalotsavam or Kallada Boat Race is one of the most popular Boat race held in South Kerala, India.The Boat race event is organized on the Kallada river at Munroe Thuruthu on 28 days after Onam Festival.The boat race is an annual event in which almost all the famous snake boats (Chundanvallam) take part.The Boat race can be conveniently viewed from the beautiful village Munroe Island .Famous achievers in various fields are honored during the event.

The winners will be awarded Kallada rolling trophy and Rupees One lakh, Rupees Fifty thousand, rupees Twenty-five thousand and rupees fifteen thousand respectively as first to fourth places. And rupees fifty thousand will be given to each team as bonus.It was also decided to form a special committee including the experts, to judge the performance of each team during the event, so as to increase the quality of the boat race. 11 Snake boats including 5 Iruttukuthi A grade boats and veep a b boats will participate this year. An organizing committee under the patron-ship of education minister sri M.A Baby ,peoples representatives of Kollam has been organized for making the event a grand success.

Time : 28 days after Onam (28 aam Onam)

Venue : Kallada River

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