Ochirakali Boat Race

Ochirakali Boat Race is yet another famous event of Kerala in South India.The Ochirakali boat race is held in the premises of the sacred temple of Parabrahma which aims at highlighting the martial skills of participants.Parabrahma means the supreme power or creator of the universe. The unique thing about this temple is that there are no idols or sculptures that are worshipped. The presiding deity is universal consciousness. In Kerala, Ochirakali boat race is held on the place where former rulers of Kerala, namely, Kayamkulam and Ambalappuzha are said to have fought a historic battle.

Time: In the month of June
Venue: Parabrahma Temple, Ochira (54 km north of Kollam town) in Kerala

Boat races are held along with many such events where people irrespective of their age flock to participate in mock duels that involves fighting with wooden sticks.The duels are fought in knee-deep water with healthy rivalry and in good spirits.The festival is held to honor that historical event.

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