President’s Trophy Boat Race

President’s Trophy Boat Race is a Popular Boat race held on the Ashtamudi lake in Kollam During on 1 November every year respectively.Boat race is telecasted live in DD National and DD Malayalam.The race start from the water column near Thevally Palace and finishing point will be front of the house boat terminal.The Ashtamudi Lake beautiful calm water spread with enchanting greenery on the blanks. It is also gifted with unique representative features – sea,lakes plains, monuments, rivers, streams, backwaters, forest, and vast green fields. The water body having 1250 m long in between these two points is scheduled as the Track for the race.

Time : 1 November
Venue: Ashtamudi lake

President’s Trophy Boat Race is the most popular boat races to be held during the season of the harvest festival Onam in Autumn on ashtamudi lake.The largest team sport in the world, the snake boat races are the major attraction of the event. With the distinction of being the only regatta on the country in the name of the President of India,it reflects the ethos of this land of backwaters.As the oarsmen throw their oars in unison to the fast paced rhythm of the vanchipattu (Song of the Boatmen), the huge black crafts slice through pristine race course of Ashtamudi Lake to a spectacular finish. Hundreds of spectators, including tourists from abroad, thronging the lake front, erupts out of joy.

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