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Coconut Chutney

Coconut Chutney Kerala

Coconut Chutney ( Src: Flicker, Ancy Alexander )

Chutney is a mixture of Spices, vegetables or Fruits. Kerala food has a variety of Chutney along with the food they eat. Chutney is an important part of the food here. There are various chutney that are made here like coconut chutney, corainder chutney, tomato and onion chutney and many more.


Dry Red Chilly
4 pieces
Curry Leaves
1/2 Sprig
Small onions
Coconut Oil
1 Tsp

How to Make

  • Take a frying pan and heat it
  • Now add oil and red chilli. fry the chillies well but don’t make them turn black
  • Now take grated coconut with fried chilly, onion, ginger, curry leaves, salt and tamarind into a paste.
  • Gring it well to make it paste

Chutney is ready to serve with Rice,Idly or Dosa .

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