Kalampattu Dance

Kalampattu also known as Kalamezhuthu pattu is a folk art form that belongs to the northern region of the Kerala. This art form is believed to be 600 years old art form that is performed by the group of 5-15 people in Bhadrakali and Ayyapa Temples .It is typically Indian as it is a harmonic blend of Asian, Dravidian and Tribal traditions. Kalampattu is a kind of song sung by persons belonging to different castes which are lower down in the caste hierarchy.The ritual is performed around the Kolam – an elaborate picture , usually pf Bhadrakalli , drawn on the floor , using five colors. The performance in the light last through the night.

Kalampattu Features and Important Aspects

Kalamezhuthu is a unique form of this art found only in Kerala. Here it is essentially a temple art. Kaniyan draws the Kalam of Gandharva, and Pulluva that of Serpents. Kalamezhuthupattu is a traditional performing art in Kerala, India. Kallatt kurup, a traditional community, is in charge of that function. The Kalampattu is associated with some ritualistic dance performances. This offering is performed for the blessings of Gods like Bhadhrakali, Ayyappan, Vettakkorumakan, Serpent God, etc. After Koorayidal and Uchappattu, Kurup does the Kalamezhuthu (drawn on the floor using five colours). Marar (who plays drums).

The colored powders used for the Kalam are prepared from natural products only. The pigments are extracted from plants – rice flour (white), charcoal powder (black), turmeric powder (yellow), powdered green leaves (green), and a mixture of turmeric powder and lime (red).

Kalam a unique floral drawing drawing is also known as powder drawing. The artist uses the floor as his canvas. Kalamezhuthu pattu (Kalam Pattu) is performed as part of the rituals to worship and propitiate Gods like Bhadhrakaali, Ayyappan, Vettakkorumakan, Serpant God etc.This ritualistic art is a common feature of temples as well as noble households. Functions like Thalappoli, Kuruthi and Pongilidi are done related with Kalampattu.

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