Kavadiyattam Dance

Kavadiyattam is a ritual dance offering in Subramanya Temples .It is a fascinating and unique art form done with the help of Kavadis which are color bow shaped wooden structure which are of 6- 10 feet .The group of devotees wearing bright yellow or saffron costumes with ash smeared all over the body, dance in a frenzy carrying kavadis on their shoulders. Kavadis are colorful bow shaped wooden structures rising six to ten feet.

There are two types of Kavadis , The Ambalakavadi is structured and decorated like a temple and the other is Pookavadi which has clusters of colorful paper, cloth or plastic flowers arranged on it.The resounding beats of percussion instruments like udukku and chenda and nadasawaran (a wind instrument) are characteristic of the Kavadi procession.Dancers and performers dance with twist and turn holding these kavadi .

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  1. sasipillai Says:

    pookavadi-feb-3rd for Punalur Morning-7to 12 pm and Evening 7.30 to 8.30.Reply me soon

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