Kerala Natanam Dance

Kerala Natanam is a new style of dance that is now recognised as a distinct art form evolved from Kathakali a form of Indian dance-drama. The Indian dancer Guru Gopinath a well trained Kathakali artist and his wife Thankamani Gopinath who was the first student of Mohiniyattam in KeralaKalamandalam developed a unique structure for teaching and performing classical dance forms of India whose origins are from Kathakali. Solo, duets, dance dramas and traditional folk dances were the material they chose. Kerala Natanam is comprised of Nritha, Nrithya and Natya based on traditional Kathakali.

Kerala Natanam History and Elements

Guru Gopinath and Thankamani’s dance programs found traditional pieces existing side by side with those modified to present a variety of themes. Their style relied heavily on the angika abhinaya – body movements and gestures – and satvika abhinaya – facial expressions from Kathakali. The major stance of Kathakali was however changed by Gopinath to a more convenient pose that could still rest well with the tribhanga concept. Even though during his lifetime Guru Gopinath did not give a name to his style after his passing away the movement to give his style a name gained momentum.

Kerala Natanam can be performed in three ways : Ekamga Natanam ie solo, Samgha Natanam ie group, Nataka Natanam ie. dance drama enacting a story. Male female pair dancing( duet) is also a distinct style in Kerala natanam.

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  1. Anu Says:

    Mohiniyattam is the semi classical dance form of kerala. It is performed by Women. It is so graceful that it will capture your heart.
    Watch a Mohiniyattam performance by Priya manoj, Mohiniyattam dancer and kalathilakam, who teaches dance at Bharathnajali, Classical dance school in Abu dhabi.
    See more performance at –

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