Meenakshinatakom Dance

Meenakshinatakom and Kamsanatakom are few ancient dance drama that are still in vague in some parts of Palakkad district. There are some scholars who believed that these dance are earlier than even Krishnanattom, Ramanattom etc.According to them, these dances are the Kerala counterparts of Teru Koothu of Tamil Nadu, the Veedhinatakom of Andhra Pradesh and the Yakshagana of Karnataka. But there are others who strongly argue that these two dances are hardly a hundred years old.

Both Meenakshinatakom and Kamasanatakom have the confluence of the characteristics of Mohiniyattom and Kathakali. The lasya of Mohiniyattom and the thandava of Kathakali are well mixed in the dance sequence of Meenakshinatakom. Even the Elakiattom of Kathakali, male characters have to be done by Meenakshi in Meenakshinatakom. The songs are all a mixture of Tamil and Malayalam. The make-up and customs bear considerable resemblance to that in Kathakali.The characters are all allowed to speak.

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