Pathakam Dance

Patakam meaning dissertation is a dramatic exposition of any incident from the Puranas, the exposition being entirely in vernacular, while the verses for recital are in Sanskrit language. Patakam is similiar to Koothu in technical content , gestures and body movements if the performer. Songs in bi-lingual variety, semi-Sanskrit are used along with different proses to narrate the story. There is little of acting, but appropriate gestures are utilised to make the narration as vivid as possible.

Costums of the actor performing the patakam is simple and is predominated by the red color and wears a head-dress which has some faint attempts at ornaments. There is nothing to mark of the stage from the audience but a lighted lamp, and there is no curtain. Patakam is performed outside the temples. Performer also wear heavy garments around the neck and thick lines of sandal paste across thye forehead.

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