Best Time to Visit Kerala

As you are planning your trip to Kerala, We at are providing you the information on best season (months) and time to travel Kerala.

Kerala offers serene backwaters, splendid hill stations, stunning beaches and the rich cultural aspects, there is so much to explore in Kerala. Due to its close proximity to sea, the climate of Kerala is neither too hot nor too cold. This has made Kerala an all-season destination.

Kerala Season Time

November to March: It is the best time to visit Kerala. Backwaters and Beach resorts in Kerala have the peak season packages. The period from November to March has been considered a good time to travel to Kerala and the period between April and August is considered the best time for getting Ayurvedic treatments, for which Kerala is renowned worldwide.

Off Season in Kerala:

The monsoon period from June to July and October to November, is considered as off season due to regular rainfalls. You can get many deals with discounts during this off season travel period. Many honeymoon couples also enjoys monsoons in Kerala, with lovely rains and misty environment. In fact, during monsoons the atmosphere remains cool and dust free, allowing for opening up the pores of the body, is considered ideal for Ayurvedic treatments.

Kerala Weather
Jan Feb Mar Apr
May June July Aug
Sep Oct Nov Dec

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