Communication is not a problem in Kerala State of India. Malayalam being official language of Kerala , English is also widely spoken language too. Tourist will not face problem regarding communication and speech. English is spoken and understand by most number of people in Kerala.Though Kerala is often regarded as a highly literate state it doesn’t mean that everyone can communicate in English.

Kerala is the most literate state of India. Internet, Fax, Telephones, Postal Services are various mode of communication.All of the bus conductors and ticket checkers do understand English.Railways and other central government establishments use signs written in Malayalam, English and Hindi.

Kerala have good Internet facility , Almost every one in the state is well versed with Internet. You can find many internet cafe in Kerala and they charge minimum amount only 20-25 Rs per hour. Fax services , International calling are also available. Telephone booth can be find all over the Kerala, even rural areas have good telephone booth facility for both domestic and international calls. One can avail the services of postal service also almost each town ,village or city have postal services facility.

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