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Kerala is an enchanting and one of the most beautiful states of India and surely is a hotspot destinations for tourist from India as well as outside India. Kerala is a state that has well preserved its culture and beliefs from past times and lead a simple oriented and happy life. Your journey to Kerala will be a memorable one no doubts but there are certain things and tips that one must keep in mind while traveling out of their zone whichever place it may be. Here are some of tips for tourist in the "God’s own Country" that you will find beneficial and will make your journey smooth and as planned.

Airports– Kerala State of India is well connected with airways. There are 3 Airports in Kerala they are Cochin International Airport in Ernakulam District, Calicut International Airport in Kozhikode District and Trivandrum International Airport in Thiruvananthapuram District. Airports of Kerala are easily accessible from cities and town of Kerala and are well connected to other major cities of India. Regular flights to other cities of India are available in airports. Flights also have destinations outside India or either one can get here via other airports of India and then to Kerala airports.

Climatic Condition– Kerala can be visited all round the year as it has pleasant climate throughout the year. But best time i.e. peak time is between October to May. June and July months are monsoon time in Kerala so tourist normally avoid this period. But one can visit in this period also as the climatic condition of Kerala is not very tough. There may b slight variation in temperature but overall the environment is calm and pleasant. And can be visited any time of the year.

Accommodation– Before coming to Kerala plan your trip well enough and book hotels that fits you best and in in your budget. Planning about accommodation is indispensable part of tour and travel to another place unknown. Various types of hotels are available in Kerala of all budgets from world class resorts and hotels to low budget hotels. you can also opt for home-stays in Kerala where you will get the real experience of the Kerala Life. For sightseeing also you can ask your hotel staff for guides . Hotels and resorts can be easily booked via net. For Kerala hotel details you can see

Local Transport– You will face no problem in transportation and while traveling in Kerala state. It has very good network of all modes of transportation.Transportation charges also very cheap and is well maintained. Roads in Kerala are well maintained and can be used to go different cities and villages of the state.Taxi/Cabs can be found all over Kerala, you can hire taxi through travel agent or you can take he help of Hotel you are staying in to arrange a cab for you. Vehicles are also there for rent purpose.

Food– Kerala is one of the famous tourist destination of India. All varieties of food are available there besides the traditional cuisines of Kerala. Bars, pubs and coffee joints are present in most of the cities . Seafood of Kerala is one of the best cuisine of state that should not be missed that will give you the real taste of spices. Food is generally served in plantation leaves. You will find various cuisines that you have not tasted yet.

Clothing’s– Climate in Kerala is generally pleasant , you can pack cotton clothes. There is no such restriction in clothing in Kerala . People of this state are very simple and believe in simplicity. There are no hard and fast rule for wearing clothes but one should cover his/her body for some decency as it may hurt Indian beliefs. Avoid kissing and all that in public places people in India do not accept these affection in public places. Also pack sun glasses and sunscreen with you.

Water– Always carry mineral water bottle with you . Avoid water from public places and street vendors. Carrying your own water bottle is good way .

Public Places– India has its own beliefs and culture so affection like kissing , short clothes and all are not accepted by Indians. Kindly keep this one in mind for its not illegal by the way but preserving the places beliefs and culture is your right.

Travel Agents– While going to unknown place one must hire tourist for sightseeing and traveling around. You can hire a guide for sight seeing in Kerala. Guides are available at very nominal charges and can speak English fluently. Some guides knows many languages like french, German, Spanish and many more. One can ask their hotel staff to arrange tourist guide for you. But you must keep some points in mind while booking a guide . Don’t pay all the money in advance, take care of your personal belongings and credit cards and all with you.Lastly always be alert as where he is taking you and if you feel anything wrong about guide you can contact police station nearby or the travel agent about it.

Language Spoken– Malayalam is official language of Kerala . Almost all people of Kerala speaks Malayalam. Other common language of the region is English and Tamil. Everyone in Kerala can easily talk in English as it is also one of the most common language spoken there and also Kerala is the most Literate state of India .

Banks, Currencies and Atms– Almost all the Indian banks are available in the state. Banks are open from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm mainly. ATM’s are open for 24 hours. There are an extensive number of ATM’s spread across the cities, towns and villages of India. Money have no bar in India , one can bring any amount of money to India but if the gross amount exceeds USD 10,000 then the tourist is required to declare to Indian customs authorities on arrival on a Currency Declaration Form. Currency can be easily exchanged in various banks and currency exchangers.

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