Learn How to Speak Malayalam

Malayalam is the official language of Kerala State, belongs to the Dravidian family of languages. Malayalam is predominantly spoken in Kerala and Lakshadweep. Approx 36 million people speak Malayalam. It is also spoken in some parts of neighboring states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

At JutKerala we tend to provide you the Quicker way to learn basic Malayalam terms and phrases, so that you can easily interact with local people of Kerala and understand what they are saying as well.

If you are planning to visit Kerala and don’t have much time to learn the alphabets, then you can check the following lessons.

Some Basic Malayalam Terms For Tourists

English Malayalam
Greetings vandanam
Good morning suprabhaatham
Good night Subha/nalla raathri
Thank you nandi
Sorry kshamikkaNam
Goodbye ennaal aakatte
How’s it going? engnganuNT?
Fine uNT or kuzhappam illa or sukhamaayiTT irikkunnu
Thanks or Thank You valiya upakaaramaayi
It’s OK saaramilla
Yes aa or uvvu
Of course pinne enthaa

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  1. daphny Says:

    hi, can you send me some about learn malayalam.
    I’m studying malayalam for 4 years..
    I’m from Singapore chinese.

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