Lodging and Hotel Phrases

Lodging and Hotel Booking Related Phrases in Malayalam

Following is the list of commonly used phrases in English for booking hotel or lodges in Kerala. These sentences are translated in Malayalam, which you can use and understand easily in a hotel in Kerala.

Do you have any rooms available? : Ivide muri ozhivindo?

How much is a room for one person/two people? : Onno/rendo perkkulla muri vaadeka ethra aanu?

Does the room come with… :
Ee muriyil … kittumo?

: virippe

A bathroom?
: kuli muri

A telephone?
: telephone

May I see the room first?
: Aathyam muri kandote?

Do you have anything quieter?
: Kuruchum Koode shanthamaya muri undo?

: valiyathu

: vrithiyullathu

: vila koranjathu

OK, I’ll take it
. : Sheri, Njan Edukam

That’s enough
. : Ithu madthi

I will stay for _____ night(s).
: Njan_____raatri thamassikkam

Can you suggest another hotel? :
Vere oru hotel parayamo?

Do you have a safe?
: Ningalkku safe undo?

: Puttukul

Is breakfast/supper included?
: Prabhatha/rathri bhakshanam ulpedumo?

What time is breakfast/supper?
: Prabhatha/rathri bhakshanam eppozhanu?

Please clean my room
. : Ente muri onu vrithiyakkanam

Can you wake me at _____?
: Enne _______ manikku ezhunnelpikkamo?

I want to check out.
: Enikku check-out cheyyanam

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