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Problem Related Sentences

Important Phrases during Problem

Following is the list of some important phrases and sentence in English, which is used during some problem or issue faced during travel. These are translated to Malayalam language in order to help during your visit to Kerala.

Leave me alone. : Enne veruthe vidoo.

Don’t touch me! : Enne thodaruthu.

I’ll call the police. : Njaan policine vilikkum.

Police! : Police! (Police)

Stop! Thief!: Nilku! Kallan!

I need your help. : Enikku ningalude sahaayam venam.

It’s an emergency.: Ithu athhyaavashyamaanu

I’m lost. : Enikku vazhithetti.

I lost my bag. : Ente sanchi nashtappettu.

I lost my wallet. : Ente purse nashtappettu.

I’m sick. : Enikku sukhamilla.

I’ve been injured. : Enikku murivu patti.

I need a doctor. : Enikku doctorude sahaayam venam.

Can I use your phone? : Njaan ningalude phone upayogichotte.

Can you give me your phone number? : Enikku ningalude phone number tharamo?

I’ll kill you : Njan ninne kollum

Why are you fighting with me? : Ningal enthina ennodu vazhakkidunnathu?

Don’t you understand what I am saying? : Ningalkku njan paranjathu manasilakunnille?

Tie him up : Avane kettiyidu. (Avane means ‘Him’)

I haven’t done anything wrong. : Njan thettonnum cheythittilla

It was a misunderstanding: . Athoru thetti-dharana ayirunnu

Where are you taking me? : Ningal enne engottanu kondu-pokunnathu

Am I under arrest? : Njan arrestil ano

I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen. : (Njan oru _____ Powran aanu)

I want to talk to the American/Australian/British/Canadian embassy/consulate. : Enikku __________ Embassyyil bandhappedanam

I want to talk to a lawyer. : Enikku Oru vakkeeline kananam

Can I just pay a fine now? :Oru pizha/Fine adachal mathiyo?

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