Time Day and Duration Translation

Day, Duration and Time in Malayalam

Following is the list of commonly used words for days, time and duration in English. This words are converted (translated) in Malayalam.

Days in Malayalam Language

Monday: Thingal-aazhcha

Tuesday: Chovva-aazhcha

Wednesday: Budhana-aazhcha

Thursday: Vyaazha-aazhcha

Friday: Velli-aazhcha

Saturday: Shani-aazhcha

Sunday: Njaayar-aazhcha

Today: innu

Yesterday: innale

Tomorrow: naale

This week: eyazhcha

Last week: kazhinhayazhcha

Next week: adutha azhcha

Time Translated in Malayalam Language

Now: Ippol

Later: Pinne

Before: Munpey.

Morning: Prabhatham, Raavile

Afternoon: Uchha

Evening: Vyikunneram.

Night: Raathri

Duration in Malayalam

minute(s) : nimisham

hour(s) : mani (manikoor)

day(s) : naal, divasam

week(s) : vaaram, azhcha

month(s) : maasam

year(s) : varsham, Kollam

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