Transport Related Phrases

Popular sentences used in Malayalam for Transportation

Following is the list of popular phrases in English translated in Malayalam language, which are frequently used to get taxi, bus, transport and directions from the local people of Kerala.

Asking Directions in Malayalam

How do I get to _____ ? : Engene enikku _________ ethum?

How do I get to the bus station?
: Engene enikku bus-standil ettham?

How do I get to the airport? :
Engene enikku vimanathaavalathil ettham?

How do I get to downtown? :
Engene enikku nagarathil ettham?

How do I get to the youth hostel?
: Engene enikku youth hostelil ettham?

How do I get to the _____ hotel?
: Engene enikku _______ hotlil ettham?

How do I get to the American/Canadian/Australian/British consulate?
: Engene enikku American/Canadian/Australian/British nyathantrakaryalathil enttham?

Where are there a lot of hotels?
: Evideyaanu dhaaralam hotelukal ullathu?

Where are there a lot of restaurants?
: Evideyaanu dhaaralam bhojanashalakal ullathu?

Where are there a lot of bars?
: Evideyanu dhaaralam BARukal ullathu?

Where are there a lot of sites to see?
: Evideyaanu dhaaralam sthalangal kaanuvan ullathu?

Can you show me on the map?
: Enikku mappil onnu kaanichu tharaamo?

: Veedhi, mudukku

: Theruvu

Road :

: Mukku

National/State highway : Deshiya/Samasthana Padha

Turn left.
: Idatthekku thiriyuka

Turn right.
: Valatthekku thiriyuka

: Idathu


Straight ahead
: Nere povuka

Towards the bridge
: Palathinu aduthekku

Past the _____ :
Aa _____ kazhinhu

Before the _____ :
Aa ______ munpu

Watch for the _____.
: Aa _________ nokkuka / sradhikkanam

: Koodicherunna sthalatham

: Vadakku

: Thekku

: Kizhakku

: Padinjaru

: Kayattathil

: Erakkathil

Bus and Train Related Questions Translated in Malayalam Language

Where does this train/bus go? : Engottanu ee bus/train pokunnathu?

Where is the train/bus to Kottayam ?
: Evide anne Kottayathekkula bus?

Does this train/bus stop in Kottayam?
: Ee bus/train kottayathu nirutthumo?

When does the train/bus for Kottayam leave
? : Eppolaanu Kottayathekkulla ee bus/train povuka?

When will this train/bus arrive in Kottayam ?
: Eppolaanu ee bus/train Kottayathu etthuka?

which is the train now?
: ethu train anu ippool

Taxi Related Phrases in Malayalam Language

Take me to _____, please. : Enne _____ vare kondu pokoo. / ______ vare pokaam.

How much does it cost to get to _____?
: _________ vare pokaan ethra roopa(money) aavum ?

Take me there, please. :
Dayavaayi enne ______ vare kondu pokoo

Driving Related Sentences in Malayalam

I want to rent a car. : Eniku oru CAR vadakakku edukkanam

Can I get insurance?
: Enikku oru insurance policy edukkanam

Stop (on a street sign)
: Nirthoo

No parking
: evide niruthan paadilla

Speed limit
: vega paridhi

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