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People of Kerala are simple ground to earth and form a well educated society in the state.Kerala was the first state in Indian with 100% literacy. People of kerala popularily or nicknamed as “keralites“. Kerala has total Population of about 32 million people out of which about 23 million is the count of rural population.The people of Kerala speak Malayalam Language and English hence called “Malayalees”. Kerala people like to survives their own life with simplicity and originality.The Keralites are very progressive in terms of cleanliness,healthcare and physical quality of life.

The people of Kerala are relatively untouched by evils such as Female Infanticide, Sex Selective Abortions and Fatal Daughter Syndrome.Regarding food they are very caring about their health and conscious about sticking to a balanced diet.They believe that the neglect of worship will lead to disease,failure of crop and other calamities.Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy of Kerala.About occupation Exports and Tourism also plays an important role in Kerala.

Kerala Village People ( Src: Wiki, Karsten)

Kerala Village People ( Src: Wiki, Karsten)

The people of Kerala dress very ordinarily clothes.The women mostly dress themselves in those wonderful six meters of silk or cotton called sari.The men mostly wear white mundu (dhoti) with a shirt or a cotton “lungi” (a sarong like dress) with a towel on top.The more convenient dresses like Churidar and Western fashion styles are popular among the younger generation.The very interesting thing about a Malayalee is his Mustache and a nice Beard too.There are mainly three religions in Kerala – Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.The people of Kerala are very protective about their religion and ancient practices,rituals and traditions.The earliest known inhabitants of Kerala were the Negritos.After the Negritoes came the Proto-Australoids , Dravidians and Aryans tribes comes. The lifestyle of the modern Malayali is a unique combination of traditional values and a progressive mindset.

The people of Kerala enjoy a unique cosmopolitan outlook that is reflected in there tolerance towards other races and religions. So it has been called Kerala as “God’s Own Country“. The matriarchal system here is a unique social heritage as the women of Kerala enjoy a better status than there counter parts else where in India.

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