Kerala in August

Kerala During August 2013

August is the Last Monsoon month with Moderately Hot .The weather becomes a bit comfortable as August enters and the month is accompanied by occasional rainfalls. August is the best time for Exploring Kerala .It may not be the best season for visit but nature has a special attraction in August after the heavy rains. August is Monsoon Season to enjoy the charm of wet Kerala and trees swaying Traveling generally becomes more difficult during the rainy season.

Discover a unique Kerala with overflowing rivers, trees dancing to the tune of the winds, hills and vast expanses of fields covered with lush verdant vegetation. There is not a speck of dust in the air. The trees look lush green and the hills can’t look less mystified. It seems as if entire Kerala has been dipped in water and taken out.

Climate (Weather) of Kerala in August

August month is not accompanied by heavy rainfalls.It is advised that carry lot of extra clothes , Cotton clothes laundry may not dry well during this monsoon Season of August month . Also carry an umbrella because Kerala has a knack of throwing up sudden bursts of showers. Also carry Sun-glass to avoid Brighter Light over Face and Sun Protection coze in August lots of time is sunset .

Avg Rainfall during August :156 mm
Avg Maximum Temperature in August : 30°C
Avg Minimum Temperature in August :24°C
Avg Humidity in August :62%

Activities in Kerala during August

Ayurveda Treatments and Messages are preferable for Holiday in Monsoon Month of August .At this time one can get Discount Prices on Houses Boats and Resorts/ Hostels as Compared to Peak Season . The rainy season continues making it inconvenience for tourist activities .It is an idealistic time for nature enthusiasts and enjoying Nehru Boat Race which is held in this month.The Festival Celebrated in the Month of August is – Onam Festival , Thripunithura Athachamayam , Pulikali , Karkidaka Vavubali , Krishna Janamashtami , Shyamaharan Jayanti and Payippad Boat Race etc .

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