Kerala in January

Kerala During January 2014

The Coastal State Kerala has cold Climate in the Month of January. January is winter Season, truly enjoyable in Kerala. During this Month Temperature is comparatively low but as does not vary much from other seasons. The lowest amount of rainfall in month of January. Kerala is Famous for its Stunning Landscapes and Natural Previews and Kerala’s weather in January allows Tourist to Enjoy with lots of Fun and Joys.

Climate (Weather) of Kerala in January

Winter month of January with Pleasantly Cool Atmosphere, Days are Pleasant and Nights are Mild Cold. Misty and Foggy Valleys of Kerala Attract Tourists During January Month . Kerala’s weather in January allows to enjoy all the hot cuisines of Kerala. It is advised to carry some of woolen cloths and quilt because there are times when temperature suddenly drops down making the atmosphere very chilling. Don’t carry too much traveling stuff with yourself as all the basic things are very easily available in the local markets of Kerala.

Avg Rainfall during January: 16 mm
Avg Maximum Temperature in January: 32°C
Avg Minimum Temperature in January: 21°Cbr>
Avg Humidity in January: High in January

Activities in Kerala during January

It is an Idealistic Month For Sightseeing and Getting indulged in Adventure activities like Trekking , Hiking , Jeep Safari, Rock Climbing and Rappelling . The Festival celebrated in Kerala in Month of January is – Thaipooya Mahotsavam , Kanjiramattom Nercha , Arthunkal Perunnal , Adoor Gajamela , Nishagandhi Festival and Kerala Village Fair etc.

Kerala Januaury


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