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Kerala Election Department

The work of the Election Department in the state is supervised by the Chief Electoral Officer who is appointed by Election Commission of India.The work of the Election Department in the state is supervised by the Chief Electoral Officer who is appointed by Election Commission of India. Under instructions from the Election Commission of India the department manages the preparation and revision of Electoral Rolls.State Election Commission, Kerala came into existence on 3rd December 1993 as envisaged in Article 243(k) of the Constitution of India.Election to Local Governments in Kerala are fought on political lines. Its features include selection of capable candidates by political parties, active campaigns, intense media interest and high voter turnout.The department is responsible for the conduct of elections in the State and operates as per the directions of the Election Commission. All work related to electoral roll revision, issue of electoral identity cards etc. are coordinated by this department.

Election Department Organization:

The Election Department is headed by the Chief Electoral Officer appointed by Election Commission of India. Subject to the superintendence direction and control of the Election Commission, he/she shall supervise the preparation, revision and correction of all Electoral Rolls and the conduct of all elections to the Parliament and State Legislature in the state. (s13 A(2), 1950 Act and s20, 1951 Act). The Chief Electoral Officer is assisted by Additional Chief Electoral Officer,Joint Chief Electoral Officers, Assistant Chief Electoral Officer and other officers drawn from State Secretariat service. On the other hand, Election to the Local Self Government bodies, the division of wards, reservation of wards ,preparation of electoral rolls for these elections etc. are done by State Election Commission, which is headed by the State Election Commissioner appointed by the State Government. Besides conducting election to the local self government bodies, the powers like division of wards, reservation of wards, disqualification of people’s representatives,implementation of Prohibition of Defection Act etc. are vested with the Election Commission.

Notable Function of Election Department :

  • SEC chairs the Delimitation Commission which delimits local government constituencies.
  • He has full powers to conduct local government elections including disciplinary powers over staff who are on election duty.
  • SEC assigns reserved posts and constituencies.
  • SEC can disqualify candidates who do not submit election accounts.
  • He can disqualify candidates found guilty of defection.
  • He can disqualify elected representative who do not convene the Grama Sabha.
  • Distribution of Funds, Re-appropriation, Supplementary Grants and Surrender of Savings, TA bill papers on loans and Advances such as HBA, MCA and Cycle Advance.
  • Inclusion of persons working abroad working under the Govt. of India in the Electoral Roll.
  • Registration of Political Parties and Republication of notification of the Election Commission of India relating to registration of political parties.
  • Reconciliation of Departmental figures and Reimbursement of Government of India’s shares of the Receipts and expenditure of the State Govt. in connection with the election work.

Department Section:

S.NO Department Section Phone no
1 Election (Accounts) Department 0471-2307168/0471 2300121
2 Election (Equipment) Department 0471-2307168
3 Election (General) Department 0471-2307168

Kerala Election Department Important Contact Details:

Nalini Netto IAS Chief Electoral Officer

Kerala Legislative Complex
Vikas Bhavan P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram 695 033
Phone: 0471 2305116
Fax:0471 2309334

Addl. Secretary & Addl. CEO

Phone: 0471 2307172

Addl. Secretary & Jt. CEO

Phone: 0471 2307167

Addl. Secretary & Jt.CEO(SVEEP)

Phone: 0471 2300070

Under Secretary & Asst. CEO


Phone: 0471 2301083

Section Officer, General & Public Information Officer

G Sukumaran Nair

Phone: 0471 2300121

Section Officer, Accounts & Public Information Officer

Ragesh D

Phone: 0471 2300121
Email us- contactus@ceo.kerala.gov.in
Official Website: www.sec.kerala.gov.in

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Co-operative Election Commission www.scec.kerala.gov.in

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