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Kerala Fisheries Department
Department of Fisheries was Developed in 1 November 1956.The Department of Fisheries, Government of Kerala is considered as one of the most important productive and development sectors of the state.The Governance of the Fisheries sector is vested with the Minister for Fisheries. All the development and management programmes envisaged by the Government in the Fisheries sector are being implemented by the state Department of Fisheries. As Kerala is blessed with an estimated marine fishery potential of a remarkable 5.17 lakh tonnes, the Department has unsurprisingly a major role to play in the economy of the State. In addition, the Department carries out a number of program-mes and projects for the welfare of the fisher folk.Fisheries sector plays a crucial role in the well being of Kerala’s economy.The department of Fisheries is headed by the Director of Fisheries. The Department of Fisheries in the state is structurally stratified and organized under the following Executive Officers.Among the maritime status in India, Kerala occupies the foremost position in marine fish production, accounting for about 20% of the total landings.

Fisheries Department Organization:

The Department of Fisheries is governed by the Minister for Fisheries. The Chief Executive, responsible for Fisheries in the Government is the Secretary to the Government (Fisheries). The Department of Fisheries headed by the Director of Fisheries has four Joint Directors. They have the responsibilities of the south zone, central zone, north zone and National Institute for Fisheries Administration & Management respectively. In each of the above-mentioned zones, there are Deputy Directors, Chief Executive Officers, Assistant Directors and Assistant Registrars.A number of agencies work under the department like Matsyafed, Matsya Board, Agency for Development of Aquaculture, Fish Farmer’s Development Agency (FFDA), Brackish water Fish Farmer’s Development Agency (BFFDA) etc. for implementing various projects and schemes for the expansion of fisheries in Kerala as well as for the welfare of the fisher folk.

Notable Function of Fisheries Department :

  • Fisheries sector provides employment and income to more than one million people, either directly or indirectly.
  • It satisfies the protein requirements of a considerable chunk of the underprivileged population.
  • It provides considerable revenue especially in foreign exchange, to the exchequer of the state.
  • Enforcement of Kerala Marine Fisheries Regulation Act for the conservation of fishery wealth
  • Fisheries technical high schools with boarding facilities for the children of fishermen.
  • Matsyafed provides input security scheme for compensating the losses due to accident/natural calamities sustained to the fishing implements.
  • Production of disease free quality fish seeds/shrimp post larvae for farmers and to control fish seed price in the open market.
  • Old age pension and widow pension to registered fishermen.
  • Provides housing assistance to fishermen under NFWF Housing Scheme
  • Financial assistance for motorization of country crafts.
  • Training to farmers in shrimp/fish/ornamental fish culture.
  • Cash awards and scholarships for SSLC and higher education for the children of fishermen and allied workers.
  • Effective extension support for aquaculture in fresh water and brackish water areas.
  • To develop new technologies in fisheries sector.

Department Section:

S.NO Department Section Phone No
1 Fisheries & Ports (A) Department 2518618
2 Fisheries & Ports (B) Department 2517192
3 Fisheries & Ports (C) Department 2518217
4 Fisheries & Ports (PS) Department 2517156
5 Fisheries & Ports (D) Department 2518587
6 Fisheries & Ports (E) Department 2518018

Kerala Fisheries Department Important Contact Details:

Shri. K. Babu Minister for Fisheries, Ports and Excise

Room No:648
3rd Floor,South Block
Secretariat, Statue
Phone : 0471-2327135,2326772
Mob: 9495066600,9447048418
Fax: 0471-2330019
Email :

Fisheries Department

North Block, Ground Floor,
Government Secretariat

Shri. James Varghese Principal Secretary

Ph:0471-2321129, 2517219
Fax: 0471-2320434
Mob: 9447156204

Smt .C.Latha Director

Directorate of Fisheries
Vikas Bhavan
Thiruvananthapuram- 33
Ph – 0471 – 2303160
Mobile- 9496007020

Shri.Devendra Kumar Singh, I.A.S , Secretary to Government (Fisheries)

Government Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram
Telephone No. 0471 2518875

Shri. G. Harikumar, IFS (Director)

Directorate of Fisheries,
Vikas Bhavan,
Thiruvananthapuram- 33
Telephone No. 0471 2303160

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S.NO Name of Website Link
1 Fisheries Department, Government of Kerala
2 Integrated Fisheries Project, Kochi
3 National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources
4 Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
5 Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying
& Fisheries

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