Health & Family Welfare Department

Kerala Health & Family Welfare Department

Historically, the princely rules of the state, made a small beginning to provide infrastructural facilities for a primary health care system. After the re-organization of the state, it has reached a fairly high level of standard and soundness. The availability of facilities for primary health care, their accessibility, the very high degree of awareness and acceptability among the people have made in Kerala model an almost perfect one.With the effective involvement of the private sector which plays a major role in the health sector and with the effects of voluntary organizations this task though throws a challenge is attainable.The level of achievements attained in the implementation of the various national programmes for control / eradication of diseases and also of family welfare programme including universal immunization programme and maternal and child health activities has helped the state to reduce the mortality rates and improve the health status of the people. Under all major indicators, the state has already achieved what the country has targeted for achieving “Health for all by 2000 AD”.

Health and Family Welfare Department Organization:

A Secretary to Government heads this department. Director of health services whose activities are designed for the preservation and improvement of public health by preventive, promotional, curative and rehabilitative methods, director of homeopathy Director of Indian System of Medicine and all Medical Colleges come under this department. Analytical Laboratory, Public Health Laboratory and Hospitals ranging from Medical College Hospitals to Community Health Centers fall under this department.The Health Services perform the chief function of delivery of primary health care in a wholesome manner.The Analytical Laboratories and Public Health Laboratory function as a single-purpose units under the department with independent controlling officer for each.

Notable Function of Health and Family Welfare Department :

  • Establishment papers of Medical Officers in the Health Service Department.
  • Establishment Papers of Medical Officers (except deputation) and Special Sanction for Payment of arrear (claims) in the grade of Assistant Surgeons, Civil Surgeon and Dental Surgeons.
  • Appointment, Promotion, Transfer and Granting of Grade promotion of these categories.
  • Request from public for getting posted as Medical Officers of Health Services in Hospitals and Primary Health Centers.
  • Transplantation of Human Organ Act and Rules and related maters.
  • Establishment papers on Para medical staff of Leprosy Control Programme like Leprosy Health Visitors, Non-medical Supervisor, Urban Supervisor. National Leprosy Eradication Programme Voluntary
  • Taking private building on P.W.D. rent rate for starting Dispensaries/ Offices under Health Services Department beyond the delegation of D.H.S.
  • Blood Bank of Private Hospitals and Government Hospitals.
  • Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Rules.
  • >Appointment of dependents of Class IV Employees under the Compassionate Employment Scheme
  • Burial and cremation grounds.
  • Rules relating to Government Hospital Pay wards in Government Medical Colleges, General Hospital and District Hospitals.
  • Nurse-cum-Pharmacist Course in Homoeo.
  • Deputation of expert Doctors from Medical Colleges to places of Epidemics and Contagious diseases.
S.NO Department Section Phone No
1 Health and Family Welfare(A) Department 2517144
2 Health and Family Welfare(B) Department 2518340
3 Health and Family Welfare (S)Department 2518060
4 Health and Family Welfare (C)Department 2518750
5 Health and Family Welfare(D) Department 2518066
6 Health and Family Welfare(E) Department 2518559
7 Health and Family Welfare (F)Department 2518068
8 Health and Family Welfare(G) Department 2518568
9 Health and Family Welfare (H)Department 2518816
10 Health and Family Welfare(J) Department 2518562
11 Health and Family Welfare(K) Department 2518631
12 Health and Family Welfare(M) Department 2518127
13 Health and Family Welfare (P)Department 2518768
14 Health and Family Welfare (FW)Department 2517136
15 Health and Family Welfare(Parliament )Department 2517118

Kerala Health and Family Welfare Department Important Contact Details:

Shri. V.S. Sivakumar
Minister for Health, Family Welfare and Devaswom

Room No: 505
5th Floor
Secretariat Annexe
Thiruvananthapuram- 1
Phone : 0471-2327574
Mob : 9496266600
Fax : 0471-2332133

Health & Family Welfare Department

3rd Floor
South Block

Shri. Rajeev Sadanandan Principal Secretary
Ph-0471-2327865, 2518255
Fax: 0471-2327865
Mob: 9495516600

Dr. P.K. Jameela Director of Health Services

Fax 2303025 / 2303080


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