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Kerala Local Self Government Department

Kerala has been the trend setter for decentralized development in the country. In fact the mooring for the grass roots level decentralized democratic functioning of administration was laid by the first EMS Ministry. In 1997, the government took the bold initiative of transferring power, finance and expertise to Local Self Government institutions to initiate developmental works at the grass roots level. Till then the results of development did not percolate to the lowest strata. Local initiatives and local participation were fully encouraged by the Government of 1996-2001 through decentralization. The result of this approach was epoch making. The Panchayati Raj System here was hailed as the best in the country. Experts came from inside the country and abroad to see the miracle that happened here. The Government is engaged in consolidating those gains and taking decentralized development to new heights while plugging the loopholes and closing lacunae in the earlier experience.

Local Self Government Department Organization:

The department is headed by a Secretary to Government.The Director of panchayat and Director of Municipal Administration form the two field departments.There are 991 Grama Panchayats, 152 Block Panchayats, 54 Municipalities, 5 Municipal Corporations and 14 District Panchayats, which together constitute the Local self-government Institutions in the State.With the decentralization of powers to, Local self-government Institutions, Local administration department has an important role to play in the formulation of policy and implementation of developmental works at the grass roots level.The department aims at enabling the LSGIs to become active players in local economic development and to strengthen their service delivery system.

Notable Function of Local Self Government Department :

  • Matters related to Performance Audit in block/District Panchayats including conduct of Special Audit and inquiry and follow up action on the reports.
  • Follow up action on the audit of Grama Panchayats by Accountant General.
  • Inspection of offices of Heads of Departments under LSGD on matters relating to Performance Audit.
  • Convening of Co-ordination Committee Meeting.
  • Matters/complaints regarding installation and maintenance of Street lights, Water taps, Wells, Tube Wells under Grama Panchayats.
  • Construction and maintenance of Swaraj Bhavan.
  • Complaints on the irregularities in the implementation of various schemes of Block Panchayats.
  • Wage Committee for examining the wage of contingent employees of whole institutions/departments under LSGD.
  • Compassionate Employment Assistance to all categories relating to the section.
  • Establishment papers of VEO, LVEO, Extension Officer (WW), GEO.
  • Establishment papers of Town and Country Planning Department.
  • Existing development authorities and residuary work of defunct

Department Section:

S.NO Department Section Phone No
1 Local Self Government (Accountability-A) 0471-2518879
2 Local Self Government (Accountability-B) 0471-2518907
3 Local Self Government (Accountability-C) 0471-251 8151
4 Local Self Government (Development-A) 0471-2517022
5 Local Self Government (Development-B) 0471-2518083
6 Local Self Government (Development-C) 0471-2518687
7 Local Self Government (Development-D) 0471-2517013
8 Local Self Government (Establishment-Panchayat-A) 0471-2517029
9 Local Self Government (Establishment-Panchayat-B) 0471-2518845
10 Local Self Government (Establishment-Rural Development-A) 0471-2517005
11 Local Self Government (Establishment-Rural Development-B) 0471-2518145
12 Local Self Government (Establishment-Urban) 0471-2517103
13 Local Self Government (Institution-A) 0471-2517147
14 Local Self Government (Institution-B) 0471-2518611
15 Local Self Government (Financial Matters) 0471-2518627
16 Local Self Government (Election Matters) 0471-251 8751
17 Local Self Government (Regulatory-A) 0471-2518688
18 Local Self Government (Regulatory-B) 0471-2518663
19 Local Self Government (Regulatory-C) 0471-2518630
20 Local Self Government (Regulatory-D) 0471-2517030
21 Local Self Government (Parliament) 0471- 2517123
22 Local Self Government (Engineering Wing) 0471-2517079
23 Local Self Government (OS I) 0471-2518152
24 Local Self Government (OS II) 0471-251 8624

Kerala Local Self Government Department Important Contact Details:

Dr. M. K. Muneer Minister for Panchayats

5th Floor
Ph: 0471-2327796/2327895
Fax: 251-8333
E-mail:minister-panchayat@kerala.gov.in/ minister-socialwelfare@kerala.gov.in

Shri. K. C. Joseph Minister for Rural Development

Main Block
Secretariat Annexe
Ph: 0471-2333176/2332021
PABX 2518178
E-mail: minister-norka@kerala.gov.in/ minister-ruraldev-plg@kerala.gov.in

Shri. Manjalamkuzhi Ali Minister for Urban Affairs and Welfare of Minorities

Room No: 521
2nd Floor
South Sandwich Block
Phone : 0471-2333371
Mob : 9455515000

Department of Local Self Government

Shri. V. S. Senthil Principal Secretary
Tel: 0471-2332935, 2518290
Fax: 0471-2332935
Mobile :9496235500
E-mail : secretarylsgd@gmail.com

Shri. T. J. Mathew Secretary

Ph-0471-2327795, 2518822
M: 9387611144
E-mail: mathewj53@yahoo.co.in
Official Website:http://lsg.kerala.gov.in

Related Website of Local Self Government Department:

S.NO Name of Website Link
1 Local Self Government Department www.lsg.kerala.gov.in
2 State Institute of Rural Development Kerala www.sird.kerala.gov.in
3 Kerala Rural Employment and Welfare Society www.krews.co.in
4 Kerala Institute of Local Administration www.kilaonline.org
5 State Resource Center Kerala www.src.kerala.gov.in

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