Personnel & Administrative Reforms Department

Kerala Personnel & Administrative Reforms Department

The personnel & Administrative Reforms Department aims to facilitate satisfactory service system to personnel and provide good governance to citizens.The mission of the Personnel & Administrative Reforms Department is to act as a facilitator in Consultation with Government Departments,Government establishments etc to improve Government functioning through Administrative reforms in the spheres of manpower planning,restructuring of Departments,process improvement,Promotion modernization and best practices and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of governmental functioning to the optimum level of performance.P& AR(PS) Department deals with papers relating to Legislative Assembly, delegation of powers, maintaining library of PARD, Right to Information Act 2005 etc.The Services offered by this Department are conduct of O& M Study/ work study for staff requirement ,office methods improvements,Introduction of modern gadgets and for the simplification of procedures etc, This helps to make use of man power, money and equipments of the Government in the optimum level so that efficiency and effectiveness are enhanced.This Department have conducted work study/ study for the simplification of Procedures/ administrative inspection in the offices of the Heads of Departments etc in several state Government Departments and submitted reports,containing specific recommendations for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the Departments.

Personnel & Administrative Reforms Department Objective:

  • To disseminate information on administrative practices and modern management system among Government Departments and PSUs
  • Application of new ideas and technologies for efficient governance like space management etc.
  • To Promote and develop the role of management in Government Departments
  • Documentation,incubation and dissemination of best practices.
  • Codification and simplification of procedures and citizen friendly initiatives
  • Increase efficiency and bring improvement in the quality of work in every sphere of administration
  • Formulation and interpretation of codes and manuals

Notable Function of Personnel & Administrative Reforms Department

  • Advice on service matters, application and interpretation of the rules and orders relating to the service matters.
  • Amendment of KGSC Rules, KCS and CCA Rules – KPSC (Addl functions in respects of certain corporation and companies) Act .
  • Recognition of qualifications.
  • advice regarding compassionate Employment.
  • Framing of special rules and their amendment.
  • compilation and review of delegation of powers.
  • General orders regarding employment under compassionate ground, prescription of Tests, appointment of Ex-Servicemen.
  • correction of date of birth etc.
  • processing of the reports of Kerala Administrative Reforms Committee.
  • Review of Monthly Business Statements of P& ARD.
  • Secretariat departments and heads of departments.
  • Training within India, Nomination for Foreign Training / Assignments/conference/ seminar/ workshop etc.
  • Convening of Monthly conference of Chief Secretary with the Secretaries.
  • Inspection of Secretariat Departments.
  • Enlistment of departments / Offices for work study, conducting work study and preparation of work study reports.

Department Section:

S.No Department Section Phone No
1 Personnel and Administrative Reforms (Advice A) Department 0471-2518460
2 Personnel and Administrative Reforms (Advice B) Department 0471-2517033
3 Personnel and Administrative Reforms (Advice C) Department 0471-2518508
4 Personnel and Administrative Reforms (Rules) Department 0471-2517032
5 Personnel and Administrative Reforms (PS) Department 0471-2518197
6 Personnel and Administrative Reforms (AR 1) Department 0471-2518532
7 Personnel and Administrative Reforms (AR 2) Department 0471-2518532
8 Personnel and Administrative Reforms (AR 3) Department 0471-2517027
9 Personnel and Administrative Reforms (AR 4) Department 0471-2517027
10 Personnel and Administrative Reforms (AR 5) Department 0471-2517031
11 Personnel and Administrative Reforms (AR 6) Department 0471-2518363
12 Personnel and Administrative Reforms (AR 7) Department 0471-2518047
13 Personnel and Administrative Reforms (AR 8) Department 0471-2518047
14 Personnel and Administrative Reforms (AR 9) Department 0471-251 8970
15 Personnel and Administrative Reforms (AR 10) Department 0471-2518970
16 Personnel and Administrative Reforms (AR 11) Department 0471-2518856
17 Personnel and Administrative Reforms (AR 12) Department 0471-2517075
18 Personnel and Administrative Reforms (AR 13) Department 0471-2517034
19 Personnel and Administrative Reforms (AR 14) Department 0471-2518629

Kerala Personnel & Administrative Reforms Department Important Contact Details:

Personnel & Administrative Reforms Department

3rd Floor
Secretariat Annexe

Dr. Nivedita P. Haran

Additional Chief Secretary
Ph-0471-2333174, 2518455
Fax: 0471-2333174
Mob: 9447132755

Sri. T. J. Mathew Secretary

Ph-0471-2327795, 2518822
Mobile- 9387611144

Smt. R. Sreekala Devi

Additional Secretary
Office: 2332962
Mobile: 9447062065
Official Website:

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