Scheduled Tribes Development Department

Kerala Scheduled Tribes Development Department

The Scheduled Castes (SCs) and the Scheduled Tribes (STs) are two groupings of historically disadvantaged people that are given express recognition in the Constitution of India. During the period of British rule in the Indian sub-continent they were known as the Depressed Classes.Since Independence, the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Other Backward Classes (all three categories combined together constitute about 85 percent of India’s population) were given provision of Reservation policy .The reservation policy became an integral part of the Constitution through the efforts of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar , father of Modern India and architect of the Indian Constitution; he participated in Round Table Conferences and fought for the rights of the Oppressed and Depressed Classes. The Constitution lays down general principles for the policy of affirmative action for the SCs and STs.

Scheduled Tribes Development Department Organization:

Being a limited company by constitution, the Corporation is governed by a Board of Directors which often meets and takes policy decisions to manage the key affairs of business. The Board is headed by the Chairman, and the Managing Director is the Chief Executive of the company. The District Offices are functioning under the control of Regional Managers who are responsible for the actual implementation of the programmes designed to meet the ultimate organizational goal. The research Institute has three major wings namely Research wing , Training wing and Development studies wing. Kirtads is purely a governmental organization under the Scheduled castes and Scheduled tribes Development ministry and functions as a separate Directorate.Its main objective is to carry out research that helps to promote development among the scheduled communities in Kerala. It also attempts to identify the needs and problems confronting the marginalized section of the population and suggest recommendations to the government in finding a panacea for their overall development. This was established in the year 1972 as Tribal Research and Training center (TR & TC) in a national pattern, which is subsequently got recognized as KIRTADS in 1979 and is working among all the scheduled communities for their development.

Scheduled Tribes Development Department Objective:

  • Economic and social development of SC/ST people in our state by funding various income generating activities undertaken by them.
  • To conduct entrepreneurship development and other skill development programmes to develop and utilise the manpower of prospective beneficiaries.
  • To provide educational loans at concessional rate of interest to bright SC/ST students for enabling them to pursue professional graduate and post-graduate courses.

Notable Function of Scheduled Tribes Development Department

  • Computer courses, Samridhi Kendras (except establishment matters). Pre- examination Coaching for Backward Classes.
  • Monitoring of Admission following principles of Reservation in Educational Institutions for SC/ST, Pre-primary Educational Institutions.
  • Miscellaneous papers of the Department of General Nature, Publicity and Publication of Books, Cultural Programmes relating to SC/ST etc.
  • Classification of SCs/STs and General papers on the subject/wri petition on the general matters of classification as SC/ST and SC/ST Certificates.
  • All papers including scrutiny of Project Proposals for getting Central Assistance as mentioned below.
  • Award of fellowship in various aspects of Tribal Development.
  • Follow up action on Legislative Committee papers, follow up action on LAI/Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha questions.
  • Monthly Business Statement and allied papers and staff meetings of the Department.
  • Consolidation of details for the LA questions of the departments like GA (Co-ordination) Department, P& ARD, Finance Department etc.

Department Section:

S.No Department Section Phone No
1 SC-ST Development (A) Department 0471-2517134
2 SC-ST Development (B) Department 0471-2517149
3 SC-ST Development (C) Department 0471-2518016
4 SC-ST Development (D) Department 0471- 2518114
5 SC-ST Development (E) Department 0471-251 8074
6 SC-ST Development (F) Department 0471-251 8613
7 SC-ST Development (G) Department 0471-2518091
8 SC-ST Development (PM) Department 0471- 251 8936
9 SC-ST Development (Parliament) Department 0471-2517008
10 SC-ST Development (Office Section) Department 0471-251 8614

Kerala Scheduled Tribes Development Department Important Contact Details:

Kumari P. K. Jayalekshmi

Minister for Welfare of Scheduled Tribes,
Youth Affairs, Museum & Zoos
Room No: 647,
2nd Floor, South Block,
Statue, Thiruvananthapuram
Phone : 0471-2333775 , 2333091
Fax : 0471-2333775
Mob : 9495366600

Scheduled Tribes Development Department

Office Address:
Ground Floor, South Block
Government Secretariat

Sri. Devendra Kumar Dhodawat

Tel: 0471- 2518232
Tel-fax: 0471- 2518232
Mob: 9446571100

Smt. R. Sreekala Devi

Additional Secretary
Office: 2332962
Mobile: 9447062065
Official Website:

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