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Kerala Stores Purchase Department

Stores Purchase Department is one of the Departments in the Government secretariat under Government of Kerala.The Department is under the control and managed by the Minister of Finance.The term stores means all articles or materials for use in public service except cash and documents.It consists of four sections to fulfill its duties.These rules and instructions also apply to the purchase of stores by Government servants on behalf of local bodies and of local funds administered by the Government, if such purchase is authorized by Government.These rules and instructions will also apply to purchase of stores, materials, machinery, equipments, vehicles etc. by Local Bodies, Autonomous Bodies and Public Sector Undertakings, under Government of Kerala.In regard to particular classes of articles, such as books and periodicals, stationery and printing stores, clothing and liveries, etc., these will be supplemented by the Instructions in the book of financial powers to be issued by the Finance Department. In the case of Public Works, Forest, Stationery, Police and other special Departments, these rules should be supplemented by the special rules contained in the Codes and Manuals of the Departments concerned, e.g. P.W.D Code, Forest Code, Stationery Manual, Police Manual, etc.For fulfilling the duties and functions of the various Departments of the Government, Stores have often to be purchased.

Stores Purchase Department Organization:

Stores Purchase Department Consist of the following Section such as Stores Purchase (A) section, Stores Purchase (B) section, Stores Purchase (IW – I) section and Stores Purchase (IW – II) section and Stores Purchase (OS) section.

Notable Function of Stores Purchase Department

Stores Purchase Inspection and follow up action thereon in respect of all State Government Offices, PSUs etc. under the Government of Kerala are the main works being dealt with the Inspection Wing of the Department.

  • The recommendations of the Departmental Purchase Committees are to be dealt with in the Stores Purchase Department in the following cases:
  • Where the Finance member disagrees with the other members.
  • Cases in which there is any special relaxation from Stores Purchase Rules or Provisions of the Kerala Financial Code.
  • Settling of Rate Contract.
  • Preparation of the Statement of:
  • Directory of purchases (half yearly).
  • List of purchase of I. S. 1. Certified goods (quarter1y)
  • Preparation of the list of products of Government undertakings.
  • All correspondence relating to import licenses and release of foreign exchange.
  • Blacklisting, banning and other penalties.
  • Registration of firms.
  • General questions relating to stores purchase like correspondence with the Government of India and the D. G. S. and D issue of general instructions and orders on stores purchase from time to time.

Department Section:

S.NO Department Section Phone No
1 Stores Purchase (A) Department 0471-2518109
2 Stores Purchase (B) Department 0471- 2518492
3 Stores Purchase (Inspection Wing I ) Department 0471-2518959
4 Stores Purchase (Inspection Wing II) Department 0471-251 8033

Kerala Store Purchase Department Important Contact Details:

Stores Purchase Department

Office Address-
Ground Floor, South Block
Secretariat, Statue

Shri. V. P. Joy

Principal Secretary,
Room No.396,
Ist Floor, Main Block,
Phone: 0471-2327586, 2518292

Shri. Mohammed Sakir

Under Secretary,
Ground Floor, Main Block.
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