All India Radio

All India Radio also known as Akashvani established in 1936 is one of the largest radio networks in the world. Its headquarters is at the Akashvani Bhavan in New Delhi.AIR has many services in a number of languages, each serving different regions across India.

All India Fm Radio Stations In Kerala

  • Thiruvanthapuram -101.9
  • Thiruvanthapuram Dc Radio -90.4
  • Idukki – 101.4
  • Kochi 102.3
  • Kochi FM Rainbow 107.5 (Music Channel)
  • Thrissur – 103
  • Kozhikode – 103.6
  • Malappuram -102.7
  • Kannur – 101.5

The external services of All India Radio broadcast in 27 languages to countries outside India—primarily via high-power shortwave band broadcasts, although medium wave is also used to reach neighbouring countries.Today, the External Services Division of All India Radio broadcasts daily in 57 transmissions with almost 72 hours covering over 108 countries in 27 languages, out of which 15 are foreign and 12 Indian. The foreign languages are Arabic, Baluchi, Burmese, Chinese, Dari, French, Indonesian, Persian, Pushtu, Russian, Sinhala, Swahili, Thai, Tibetan and English.

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