Asianet is the most famous TV Channel of Kerala State owned by Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd. which is the largest cable network services company in the state of Kerala, India and one of the largest such companies in the world.Its cable network services operate from over 50 centers spread throughout Kerala and touch over half a million homes and establishments.It is the leading service provider in the region for Cable TV and Internet solutions in Kerala State of India. It is among some top Tv channels of India.

The Asianet cable network carries up to 70 channels.Asianet has set up its own International Satellite Gateways at Trivandrum and Cochin. Asianet Satcom is also the State’s own home-grown ISP and one of the pioneers in Internet through cable, a revolutionary new concept that has brought always-on net access to homes in Kerala. Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd., a 350 crore company is one of the best performing and rapidly growing web host in the world.

A unique power-pass system with battery-backed UPS is also implemented on the network to eliminate downtime even during power failures.

  • 150 Digital Channels /70 Analog Channels

Asianet Digital TV

It offers its viewers excitement, endless possibilities and a very wide choice of affordable digital TV options. You get to choose from 150 digital channels, all delivered with crystal clear picture and stereo sound.Being pioneers in this field in the state of Kerala, Asianet Satellite Communications will ensure through ADTV, that every home in Kerala enjoys the benefit of digital television at very economical rates.

Features of ADTV

  • Crystal clear picture with DVD quality
  • Stereo Sound
  • 150 Channels
  • 15 of them Malayalam and 40 Regional
  • Programme reminder
  • Technology advantage which with stands any weather conditions
  • Parental Control
  • Electronic Programme Guide which enables the viewers to set the programme of their choice in advance.

Contact Details Asianet

Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd.
2nd Floor, Leela Infopark, Technopark Campus
Trivandrum, Kerala, India
Tel: ++91 471 3071100, 3071300, 2700244
Fax: ++91 471 2527878

Ph: 0471 -3925700

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