Alappuzha History

History of Alappuzha

During the 15th century, Portuguese landed in this region and spread Catholicism. They also converted the existing Syrian Christians into Catholics. The popular St. Andrew’s Basilica was built by them during this particular period. In the 17th century Dutch occupied region when the Portuguese was weak.They also built warehouses and factories to store ginger and pepper. They had many treaties with Rajas of Kayamkulam, Karappuram and Purakkad. Later, Maharaja Marthanda Varma ruled this region. In the 19th century the district saw progress in many spheres.One of the five subordinate courts opened in the state in connection with the reorganization of the Judicial system .The first post office and first telegraph office in the former Travancore state were established in this district. The position continued until the formation of Kerala State on 1 November 1956, under the States Reorganization Act 1956. The district came into existence as a separate administrative unit on 1 August 1957.

In the early first decade of the 20th century the Viceroy of the Indian Empire, made a visit in the State to Alleppey, now Alappuzha. He was really much fascinated by the scenic beauty of this region.In great joy and amazement, he said, Here nature has spent up on the land her richest bounties; Alleppey is the Venice of the East. According to the local legends and historian, Kuttanad, the rice bowl of Kerala was well known from the early periods of the Sangam age.There are text descriptions of this region’s canals with lush green coconut palms, small streams and unending stretch of paddy fields .During the middle age, this region had good trade relationship with ancient Rome and Greece .The first manufacturing factory for the coir mats was also established here in 1859 .In 1894 the town Improvement Committee was set up. The history of Alappuzha District also murmurs the facts of the prominent role that the district played in the freedom struggle of the country.A popular Ministry was formed in Travancore on 24 March 1948 after India`s independence, and on 1 July 1949 Travancore and Cochin states were integrated.

Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple

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