Aluva History

History of Aluva

According to the Indian archaeologists, they have found solid evidence of human settlement as far back as 250 BC in Aluva. On the other hand, historians strongly believe that till AD 1341, this area used to be continues region of land spread across Alangad and Kakkanad. Slowly the town gained momentum as the center of holiday resorts and commerce. The strategic spot of Kerala’s trade and commerce during the medieval period happened on the bank of the River Mangalappuzha, which is one of the dis-tributaries of River Periyar. During the British period, Aluva was the official summer residence of the royal Travancore family and part and parcel of its Kingdom.

There are different versions according to the local legends regarding the etymology of the name of the suburban town of Aluva.These version are largely been directly or indirectly subjected to speculation for centuries. The popular version is that related to Lord Shiva, the mythological story of Hindu religion. According to it Lord Shiva drank the Kalakootam poison in order to save the Universe. It is to be noted that Lord Shiva with Poison in his mouth was made into be a deity and successfully placed in a temple in this region. Alam means poison and Vaa means mouth in Sanskrit language so the term got coined as Alamvaa. With ages the term was pronounced as Aluva by locals. It is to be remembered that the British named this town as Alwaye.In honor of Lord Shiva, the grand Sivarathri festival is celebrated with festivity in this town.

Aluva History

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